The Boog Show - "Throughout this journey I’ve learned that motivating other people motivates me to keep going each & every day." - Stereo Stickman

The Boog Show “Throughout this journey I’ve learned that motivating other people motivates me to keep going each & every day.”


Backed by a series of original projects and singles over recent years, rapper and artist The Boog Show opens up about his writing process and his dreams moving forward in music. Here’s the interview in full.

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Hey – thanks for the interview, great to chat; congrats on the rising success of your music.

For those who don’t know, what is The Boog Show all about, and what inspired you to start releasing original music?

The Boog Show is all about growth and showing my audience that at the end of every episode of this show that I call my life, there’s always a positive outcome.

What inspired me to start releasing original music was the realization that I could touch people’s lives by relating to them and speaking to them through song, which was my escape from my own reality. Throughout this journey I’ve learned motivating other people motivates me to keep going each and every day.

Is there an overall dream or ambition at play when you create music?

The overall dream at hand when I’m creating my music is to impact as many lives as I can and to leave a legacy behind that reflects my message. Like everyone else of course, I want to be wealthy and be able to live comfortably because I know exactly what it was like to live uncomfortably. However most of all, I want to turn this hobby into my lifestyle.

Who do you admire on the current scene, and why?

At this moment in my life the person I admire is myself and the changes I was able to make for myself in order to move forward. There were so many obstacles and situations that were meant to keep me stuck and clueless and I admire myself for not allowing the negativity to win.

Back In My Prime is one of the most striking and classically rooted hip hop tracks to your name, and has rightfully amassed impressive streaming numbers as a result. What can you tell us about this track, why does it stand out?

Back In My Prime is explaining that no one is going to hand anything to you. In the song I said “Had to stand on my own two feet” because if you want something the only way is to go out and get it yourself. I personally listen to it as motivation to remind me that I have to apply myself 100% of the time. As far as why it stands out, that is for the listeners to decide.

With other releases like Let Me Vent, you bring a degree of melody, contemporary styling, and mix in a whole new vulnerability. How do you work out in which direction to take any given track, and are there any other styles or genres you hope to explore?

Every beat tells its own story the same way lyrics tell a story. If I feel like a specific beat or track can not only match my story but tell a story of its own, I run with it. As of right now, I’m not looking into any other genres but growing up I was always listening to different genres and I fell in love with r&b. In the future, I could see myself crafting up some r&b work.

Which of your tracks do you consistently think of as your best work, and why?

My best work would have to be any of my newer music that has yet to be released. It describes my life at this current moment and I feel that this newer music can be relatable for almost anyone.

Do you produce your own beats, and if not – how do you choose which producers or tracks to work with?

Like I said previously, every track has a story and so does every producer who’s making that track. When I can connect with a producer who is telling their story through beats and I’m telling my story through lyricism magic will be made.

Where would be your dream venue or event to perform at, and why?

My dream performance would have to be the Grammys because if you’re performing there then you made it.

What’s next for you?

The next steps for me are to continue working hard and releasing music. As for my audience, continue watching The Boog Show because every day is a new episode.

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