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Sydney Jaffe Complicated, Teenage Life, NYC & Staying True to Yourself


Following the release of her single and video Complicated, we caught an interview with artist Sydney Jaffe to find out more about her musical journey so far. Here’s how it went. 

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Hi Sydney – thanks for the interview, and congratulations on the EP release and the success of Complicated. What do you think are the key factors in making a relationship not so complicated?

Honestly, I’m a super open person so I definitely feel that any and every relationship just needs constant communication and honesty.

What was the video making process like for you?

Complicated was one of the most amazing shoot ever! It was great to be in NYC shooting the video because I felt so much more comfortable. Also, the group of people that comprised the team really just understood who I am and all of that made it really easy to work together. We had so much fun, there were lots of laughs and that’s how I like to do things.

Is there an underlying concept or thread throughout the EP?

When starting to piece together this project I had absolutely no idea how each song would fit together or how it would all even come to be a project. As it became what it is now, however, I think the idea of really just showing who I am became so apparent. I want everyone to see me as an artist but also as the teenage girl that I am in this EP and I think that that’s what the message truly is throughout.

How did you choose the tracks for the EP, and how long was the project in the making?

I think after finishing each song I knew that they would be part of a greater project. You Know Me was the first one I worked on for this EP and I believe it was in the summer of 2016 so I’ve been waiting about 2 years to give everyone a taste of who I am.

How does it feel to be able to share You Know Me with the world?

I’m so incredibly excited to finally have a bunch of original content out there for people to listen to and enjoy. Every single time someone brings You Know Me up, it’s the most amazing feeling and I just feel so ecstatic that I can share what I love with people I love and that they actually can jam to it like I do!

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When did you first realize your passion for music?

I used to want to be on Broadway and the day my mom took me to my first real Broadway show I knew I wanted to be a performer and I knew that music would forever be a HUGE part of my life.

Who are some of the artists or bands that inspire you the most?

Everyday I’m so intrigued by Demi Lovato and P!nk. The way they express their vulnerability is so admirable and they have the most incredible ranges I’ve ever heard. I would give anything to work with either of them or even go out to get coffee with them!

How has growing up in New York shaped your approach to songwriting?

There is something about growing up in NYC that has allowed me to be independent and truly figure out who I am. I understand I’m only 18 and there is a lot more to figure out but being able to live amongst millions of different people with different stories has forced me to figure out where I fit in and don’t at the same time. I know this has helped me in being honest and open when it comes to my songwriting. I want everyone to know who I am as a human and I want everyone to experience that introspection for them selves while they hear my story and where I am in all of that.

Do you feel an inclination or responsibility to sing about emotional issues and feelings for other teens who don’t necessarily have a voice?

I do and I don’t. I know that I am able to express both difficult and uplifting feelings in my songs whether it pertains to teenagers or someone further from my age. I also know that, I am different from the person next to me and for me to assume they want to hear about a certain issue or feeling or emotion wouldn’t be right for me. As a result, though, I sing about my life and if or when people relate then I couldn’t be happier.

What’s the best piece of advice you have learned so far in your career?

I’ve been fortunate enough to have been working with the most incredible team of people for the past few years and something they always say to me is how important and admirable it is to stay true to yourself in an industry like the music world is today. I’m going to forever live with those words close to my heart, not only in my music career but in everything I do.

What’s next for you, and what’s your ultimate goal as an artist?

Right now I want to get my music heard and I want people to begin to enjoy what I have to offer. I’m not really the kind of person with a full goal or plan for what is to come but I can only hope for bigger and better things. As far as a main objective for my career as an artist, I want to use music to communicate with people on a level where we can all relate. Whether we talk about hardships, laughs, or weird moments, Music is always the vernacular in every world we live in and it is a way to connect every person. If I can be a pathway to that connection, then that is truly all I need.

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