Shilla - "'We are what we are' is a testament to our originality. What we will never be is everyone else." - Stereo Stickman

Shilla “‘We are what we are’ is a testament to our originality. What we will never be is everyone else.”


Prior to the release of a string of new tracks, we caught up with creative duo Shilla to find out more about their sound, what drives them artistically, and their plans for 2021. Here’s how it went.

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Hi guys, thanks for the interview. Just to set the scene a little, where are you right now, and what have you been working on so far for the new year?

Grief – Right now we are getting everything right on the business side, slowing down from releasing a ton of music. Really perfecting our sound and trying to branch out of our comfort zone and create new relationships.

HollywoodRoze – In Atlanta right now. Just been working closely with the homie George. A good friend of mine who just happens to be an amazing producer that has blessed us with amazing beats. So right now we’re in heavy collaboration mode trying to level up the sound by bringing the vibes together. Focusing on the business side of things too for sure though.

You have some new releases in the pipeline – has your sound or style evolved much since the last release, and if so; in what way?

HollywoodRoze – Yea and it’s exciting. I think with music being such a collaborative effort, in order to get the best out of what you’re trying to do you gotta bring other people in. You know whether it’s from a production and engineering stand point or even in your personal life. It’s all about trial and error and right now we’re in a good space creatively where we’re able to try new things and it all feels organic.

Grief – It’s always evolving, we try to push the envelope and be different as possible. Now we are trying to touch people’s emotions harder and create some dope vibes at the same time

Do you think your approach to making music has been affected by the events of 2020?

Grief – No, I still have the same approach. If anything 2020 helped with music – taking a step back quarantining gave me time to think and write more

HollywoodRoze – Not really but I’d say after last year I’m more comfortable trying new things on a song. Did a lot of recording in my room last year which helped me get a lot of reps in. I was able to work on approaching songs differently from a vocal perspective, getting more comfortable in certain pockets.

How do you craft your tracks as a group, does production come before vocals, and how do you decide which direction or pace to take things at?

Grief – The beat is the boat, we get on it ride the wave and steer that bitch whichever way we want. We feed off each other’s vibe but it’s always a dope balance.

HollywoodRoze – What he said

Who or what has been your biggest inspiration in the past year to keep making music?

HollywoodRoze – Myself. Being in solitude. Being Alone. I think that’s when I’m at my best as an artist bc I’m forced to deal with my own personal thoughts, feelings and emotions and the only way I’m truly comfortable doing that is through the music. So with us being in a pandemic it took me into a space where I was forced to be alone and that’s when I’m the most inspired.  

Grief – Myself because I know what we have is special and the world deserves to hear it.

Your bio states ‘We are what we are and we’re not what we’ll never be’. Does what you are change over time at all, given the uninhibited way in which you fuse genres, or do you just go with the flow creatively on any given day?

HollywoodRoze – What we are doesn’t change but life does so where I am in life is what dictates where I’m at creatively and how I’m wanting to channel that through the music.

Grief – As humans everyday our emotions change, right? It’s the same with being an artist, so we are what we are is a testament to our originality. What we will never be is everyone else.

What do you think of as something you’ll never be?

Grief – Clout chasing, letting fame get to us. We staying Original on David.

Is there much of an editing process to your song-writing, or do you tend to freestyle it in the moment?

Grief – It all depends but generally its in the moment. Basically we write songs separate a lot and once we get to the studio we write material for each others song on the spot usually doesn’t take long. 10 minutes tops

HollywoodRoze – Kind of depends on the process. If I’m just writing on my own time Ill go back and change what Im saying later on If I think of something else I’d rather say or talk about, sometimes I might just scrap a whole idea. If we’re just in the studio just loading up beats it’s more in the moment.

Do you ever disagree creatively, and if so – how do overcome this?

Grief – Not really to be honest, we understand each other and we both have great ears for music we feed of each others creativity if anything.

HollywoodRoze – Yea we’re on the same wave when it comes to this.

What are your thoughts on the music of the mainstream at present, and the industry in general?

HollywoodRoze – I’m not really in tune with mainstream music, I just get with whatever comes my way. But from what I see I like where the industry is at, I think there’s something for everybody.

Grief – I try not to focus on the mainstream world or the industry, from the outside looking in it looks like politics. So definitely want to stay independent and focus on our music and our fans.

Is there a dream venue or event you’d like to perform at?

HollywoodRoze – MSG

Grief – I would love to sell out Ford Field back home in Detroit or Michigan

What’s the best piece of advice you were ever given as artists?

Grief – Follow your path and not anyone else’s. Trust yourself your team and perfect your craft.

HollywoodRoze – You already lost if you don’t try.

What do you have planned for the coming months, and what’s the best thing listeners can do to support you?

HollywoodRoze – Some dope music. A listen goes a long way and I’m forever in debt to anybody that’s ever given us a listen. For me the best thing you can do is listen & share the vibes if you’re digging them.

Grief – Building our brand’ fan base, promoting and dropping some dope music. Hopefully covid subsides and we can give a live performance.

Is there anything else we should know?

We want to thank our supporters and welcome new fans with open arms. We have a lot coming stay tuned. Shilla.

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