Scott The Pisces - "Being able to play an analogue instrument is a blessing in a world of electronic production." - Stereo Stickman

Scott The Pisces “Being able to play an analogue instrument is a blessing in a world of electronic production.”


Backed by a brand new single and a uniquely nostalgic approach to modern music, the UK’s own Scott The Pisces kindly took part in an interview. We talk everything from the crafting of Euphoric back to his roots in songwriting and guitar, and onward into getting music featured in the US series of Love Island. Here’s the conversation in full.

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Hi Scott – thanks for the interview, and huge congrats for the new single! To introduce things, where are you based, and how would you describe the music you make?

I’m a pop producer and songwriter currently based in London, United Kingdom. I would describe the music I make as nostalgic pop. It’s a blend of classic pop formulas, with electronic elements, weaved together to evoke memories of better times.

Who or what first inspired you to write songs?

I remember being young listening to music in my sister’s car, analysing every element of the songs; the basslines, the drum patterns, the vocal cadences. Something drew me to wanting to create my own songs from that, and so it all began with me attempting to deconstruct some of my favourite ones. That practise would teach me how to make music across multiple genres.

Let’s talk about Euphoric – how did the track come to be, and what do you hope listeners take away from it?

Euphoric started as a demo idea I had laying around on my computer. The actual foundation of the song began in 2019. The project file was labelled “Mermaids & Dolphins”, and it was a super basic version of the pre-chorus into the drop/hook. I remember wanting to create something which would take the listener on a journey, going from a softer intimate sound to a massive tropical synth-infused landscape. I was playing a lot of an MMORPG called Runescape at the time, in a way reliving my childhood and there was something about the sense of fantasy and magic in that which sparked the inspiration.

The vision for the production was to create something which felt expansive. There are a lot of elements which make up the feeling of the song, many you wouldn’t think of unless you listen closely. Although an electronic song, the backbone of the rhythm section is very R&B, specifically in the verses. I knew I wanted a more intimate feel during the sections between choruses. The dynamic between sections is what allows the song to breathe. When you mix the production with Ashley’s lush vocal landscape, it truly comes to life.

You’ve been playing guitar since childhood; how does that passion and skill play into this now electronically dreamy style you’ve adopted?

Being able to play an analogue instrument is a blessing in a world of electronic production. It’s the easiest way for me to add a human touch to a song, to easily translate the melodies in my head into music. I love playing guitar through various effects to create lush sounding strummed chords, and ambient background riffs, it really helps fill out the soundscape.

Is there still a potential for some unplugged songs and performances, or have you moved away from that?

Absolutely, I think it’s important that I stay in touch with that aspect of music, as I’m capable of doing so I should take advantage of that. It’s always a good sign when your song can be played unplugged and still be a great song. The only obstacle in my way is having vocalists I can perform with live and unplugged, as currently I don’t sing my own songs.

Would you like to sing your own songs?

Eventually yes, it would be amazing for me to have the freedom to express myself across all aspects of song-writing, especially singing my own songs the way I envision them.

How did you come to connect with Ashlely Alisha, and what was it about her sound and approach that helped you to come up with Euphoric?

Ashley had previously worked with me on the title track for my debut EP Ocean Blue, and to me Euphoric felt like it could be a sister to that song. Ashley is someone who can connect really well with the music I bring to her, evoking emotional lyrical ideas; there is no one better. I love how Ashley can channel that magical quality into our songs. She’s very open minded as a songwriter, and knows how to explore fantasy concepts in her lyrics.

Having the song featured in the US Love Island show is an amazing achievement – how did you go about submitting it for those purposes, and is that a broader ambition of yours, to write for TV and other media?

I didn’t submit anything, they found us! I wouldn’t know where to start with submitting songs for TV, it seems like the best chance is to keep pushing yourself out there in front of the right people, hoping something connects. I woke up one day to an email asking for permission to use the song for the summer season, completely out of the blue. I would love to continue to write music for TV, movies and other media. It’s an unexplored avenue for me, but something I could really enjoy delving in to.

What’s next for you?

Other than writing and producing for a plethora of other artists, I’m going to start work on my new project, as well as releasing a few more covers with friends. I’m hoping to become more consistent on my social media, as that’s been a big challenge for me. I’ve also got a song I produced for an artist that is being used in a film coming out this fall, so I’m excited to attend my first movie premiere! Lots of exciting opportunities are on the horizon and I can’t wait to tell everyone.

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