Saucy KB - "I’m my biggest critic when it comes to this music shit. I have my own lane so I don’t feel the need to compete with anybody." - Stereo Stickman

Saucy KB “I’m my biggest critic when it comes to this music shit. I have my own lane so I don’t feel the need to compete with anybody.”


Prior to the release of his latest single, we caught an interview with rapper and artist Saucy KB to find out more about his music, his journey so far, and his plans and ambitions moving forward. Here’s how it went.

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Hey Saucy Kb – thanks for the interview, and congrats on the success of Love Jones. For those who don’t know, how would you describe your sound, and what makes you stand out right now?

I appreciate that, I would like to describe my sound as trap romance… what makes me different is my ability to be so versatile within my own lane – I add a melodic sound and link it together with trap beats.

Your bars are impressive, as is the set-up and musicality of your tracks. Do you produce your own beats, or are you looking to work with new producers?

I do not produce my own beats, I’m always looking to link up with dope producers if they have dope work that I can vibe with fasho.

Thanks for the sneak peak of the new single – love the organic set-up and melody. What can you tell us about Golden King?

Golden King is my brother, we linked up through our management team – we both Gemini’s so when me and him linked the chemistry was there along with our ability to make some dope music.

You talk about competing with yourself and having nothing to prove – how important is this value, and what do you think it adds to your approach as an artist?

I’m my biggest critic when it comes to this music shit – I have my own lane that I’m in so I don’t feel the need to compete with anybody when it comes to music, I have no pressure when it comes to releasing music. I have a lot of people that support me and as long as I got them we gone rock out fasho.

Is live performance an important part of your plans, and if so – what would be your ideal venue or event to appear at?

I definitely think live performances are important. I think that’s the biggest thing I need right now for exposure – I don’t have an ideal spot but any place with a crowd and a mic I’m ready to bless any stage fasho.

Do you have any collaborative projects in the pipe-line?

Not as of now but I’m definitely going to be dropping something with my brother Golden King so that can be expected in the future.

If you could sit down for a chat with anyone at all, past or present, who would you choose – and what would you ask them about?

Hmm… I would have to say Diddy fasho, just the way he came up was so dope – he started with local parties and got himself exposure and his work ethic and hustle is something I admire.

Are you planning on building up independently, or is there a dream label you’d like to work with?

I’m not opposed either option, everything right now is independent and it’s a lot of work and strategy behind it that would be a lot easier with the help of a label. However, I’m not rushing into any deal – I believe in waiting and being patient while weighing my options.

What’s the best piece of advice you were ever given as an artist?

Best advice would have to be “keep going and don’t stop” – a lot of artists tend to give up on themselves because they’re not getting crazy amounts of plays, but I understand it takes time for that, so as long as I stay consistent the views will come sooner or later.

What’s next for you?

Next from me is a studio produced album. I wanna start working on that and let people know that I’m the most slept on artist right now

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Download the EP Trap Romance via Apple. Check out Saucy KB on Instagram.

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