Samuel Miracle Brown - "As a indie professional artist I was so appreciative & humble about receiving my first award. It was like God was giving me a pat on the back." - Stereo Stickman

Samuel Miracle Brown “As a indie professional artist I was so appreciative & humble about receiving my first award. It was like God was giving me a pat on the back.”


Following the release of his upbeat new single Dance With Me, we caught an interview with lifelong Christian songwriter Samuel Miracle Brown, to find out more about what drives him to create, how the latest song came to be, his extensive repertoire of over 100 originals, and plenty more. Here’s how it went.

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Hi Samuel – what a pleasure, thanks for your time! For those who don’t know, how would you describe the music you make?

The music that I present is definitely feel good with a positive Christian message. Clever cool ways to quote the word of God over hip hop or Rhythm and Blues Beats! Some of my newer songs are live ballads like the song Yesterday that uplifts and gets an emotional response or Dance with Me with that Caribbean Latin Miami style beat. Its encompasses all that you want to jam and dance!( dance is a form of praise to God) there’s ‘Everybody Move this way ‘that has a slow tempo where people want to chill , so it depends on how the Holy Spirit uses me in that moment to determine the vibe or genre

Who or what first inspired you to learn to make original music?

A lot of my influence came from a Christian group called the Winans. I wasn’t able to listen to a lot of popular music back then so I would hear glimpses of New Edition, BBD, yet Kirk Franklin was a favorite of my preacher parents along with Donnie Mccklurklin.

Tell me about the single Dance With Me – a song that highlights your unique approach to Christian Praise music. How did this song come to be?

I really enjoyed singing and writing Dance With Me. I wanted to be able to interact with the listeners and give them a chance to feel good about themselves. The holy spirit instructed me to write down instructions for the listener. To take something in their hands and wave it like you need rescue! lol like if you stuck on an island and a plane flys by you are gonna yell and shout and try to get that planes attention!! This is the praise that God longs first from His creation, from us!! Dance with me is another way we can give Him praise through our movements.

You’ve written over 100 original songs to date – which two from your repertoire best highlight the versatility of your sound?

I consider myself a songwriter and a producer. Over the 100s of songs that I have written I feel that the listeners often pick the song (s) that speaks them. Yet if I had to pick songs I enjoy it would be Calibration, Dance With Me, Somebody’s Prayin for me, and Yesterday! These songs have a great message of hope and gives assurance that there is an higher power and He longs for your friendship to protect you and to bless you.

You’ve also worked with several noteworthy legends – What has been one of your most inspiring or impactful moments?

Most recently I was able to perform/ minister on tour with Canton Jones and one show with Pastor Mike Jr.!! That meant a lot to me because they immediately caught the anointing vibe as I got up to minister. They came to the front of the stage and rocked out with me in a song called Like a Boss! ( concert version) I felt appreciated as they exchanged phone numbers with me and most times will text me back when I text them!! lol

How did getting nominated for an award impact your mindset or creative approach as an independent artist?

As a Indie Professional Artist I was so appreciative and humble about receiving my first award. It was like God was giving me a pat on the back. I never really thought much of awards but to receive over 18 awards from prestigious Gospel award shows was humbling. I really want to go on tour and engage with fans and share my testimony about Gods Grace and healing power soon!!

What was the best piece of advice you were ever given?

The best advice ever given to me was also learned through disappointments and achievements. No one is willing to invest in you unless you first invest in yourself.

What is the book More than a Miracle about, and who would you recommend it to?

My book More Than A Miracle is a real life testimony of what God has brought me through. When Drs said that I would die from a rare fungus that was threatening to enter the blood brain barrier and instantly kill me. This fungus was resistant to antibiotics and was a real life scary thing. But God said not so. I will live and go forth as a minister to His people. The book is very inspiring and has a prayer of healing and deliverance.

Do you have a single big ambition – a venue you’d like to perform at, or an audience size you aspire to achieve?

I really want to do Gods will at the highest level. The millions of people that can get to know him through my music. I’ve dreamed of packed out stadiums and arenas of people that want to know Christ and began to sing the words God has given me through song.

What’s your biggest hope for the future of music, and what are the main values you want to bring to the global scene?

“My biggest hope for music is to give the artist back their craft and ability to make money from their craft. These streaming services make all the money offering our songs for sometimes less than a dollar.”

Now it’s all about patronage and the fan wanting to support our craft through merchandise and loyalty. Some fans understand that music shouldn’t be free all the time. It is a person’s livelihood as well. So that’s one of the things I would like to see changed.

Will you be touring this year?

Actually I will be touring this year on a small scale. This is the 3rd year with the Wave it Tour. So yes I will be on the same ticket as Mali Music this year. I ask my fans and potential fans to support by going and purchasing merchandise!!

Is there anything else we should know?

I would love for any interested in learning more about me to go to my website If you are a promoter or a booking agent please reach out. We have a wonderful live performance set up with dancers and rappers. Also check out my YouTube page – like, share, subscribe – samuelbrown240. Thank you and my God peace be upon you.

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