Pohectic Life - "We need to put our differences aside & come as one race to clean our home." - Stereo Stickman

Pohectic Life “We need to put our differences aside & come as one race to clean our home.”


Following the launch of a brand new project and the official video for My Apology – a letter to Mother Earth, addressing the damage we’ve caused her – artist and entrepreneur Prynce P kindly took part in an interview, to let us dig a little deeper into the new release and the intentions behind Pohectic Life. Here’s the conversation in full.

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Hey – thanks for the interview. For those who don’t know, how would you describe your approach to making music?

What’s up guys, thank you for the opportunity to share my voice. I have always been a creative individual. Growing up, I used to win lots of awards for either my art works or my writings.

In regards to music, all of my ideas come from either doing my daily 6 mile walks or driving around. I may see a cloud that looks like something or I may look at a tree and BOOM! An idea pops up. I then quickly call my producers and schedule a meeting.

What prompted you to write My Apology, and what was the creative process like – melody first, concept in mind, beat, poetry, bars?

As I stated previously, I walk an average of 6 miles a day. My brother and I have a rule to pick up at least 1 trash when we walk. One day, I decided to not only pick up trash but to actually create a song in regards to what I kept seeing. I decided to call my project, My Apology which is my way of apologizing to nature on behalf of all human-beings.

I then called 2 of my favourite Dallas producers, Cloak Beats & Billy Syn and informed them of my idea. Within a few days, I had the beat in my email. I then had a meeting with Motian and IQ Muzic who are 2 of my favourite Dallas rappers and asked them to feature on this project. As always, they blessed me with 2 hot verses. I then needed a catchy and heartfelt hook, so, I called one of my favourite singers named Bubba of Loyal Sally. He has such a unique and catchy voice and within a day, we recorded his part.

Now that the hook and 2 verses were done, I needed a 3rd verse. I wanted to get my top 5 favourite rapper on this project. Yes, you guessed it, Hip-Hop legend, K-Rino. He is truly a lyrical genius and someone who I grew up listening to.

The song was now missing an intro and an outro. Since I am known for my voice, I decided to drop the intro myself and for the outro, I selected my favourite news-anchor, Susy Solis. Many think that the outro is a sample but Susy actually recorded this with me at the studio. Yes, she is THAT GOOD! Also, I must mention that everyone wrote their own part.

When did you first start wondering about our connection to Mother Earth and our impact on this planet, and do you think we’re a lost cause, or is there still hope? How do we win a war that’s with ourselves?

I have always been in love with nature. I love animals, I love trees, I love flowers, I love the smell of rain, I love swimming in the ocean and I hate that we as a human race are destroying our home.

Is there hope? I hope so… Hope is what makes every single one of us wake-up in the morning.

In regards to your last question, we need to unite as human-beings and do better. We need to put our differences aside and come as one race to clean our home.

What can you tell us about the music video, and in particular – the last minute of visuals after the song has ended?

The music video was shot, directed and edited by the genius, Nima T! This man took my vision and injected steroids in it. The last minute shows a native starring into nature. He is sad because he knows that the beautiful scenery that he is watching may not exist in the future.

Is this focus on a brighter future for our planet something you plan on sticking with and continuing to promote – does it take priority over a simple love for music now; are the two passions forever intertwined?

This is a tough question to answer. I make music to create awareness, whether it’s about saving our planet or about another subject. I guess you can say that the 2 passions intertwine.

What is Pohectic Life – what does it represent, and where do you hope to take things in the coming months and years?

Glad you asked! Pohectic stands for Hectic Poetry…. In a way, this answers your last question 😉

How did you guys come to collaborate together, and how did the process compare to working solo?

I pick and choose artists, producers, singers, audio engineers, graphic designers, etc… based on each project. I study people and just like a project manager in the corporate world, I assign each person with a task. Working solo is obviously a lot easier, you only have to worry about yourself haha

What’s the main ambition with this project?

To create an awareness.

What comes to mind if you’re asked to name one of the best Hip-Hop tracks ever made, and why do you think that is?

One has to be K-Rino’s Grand Deception, the other has to be Hopsin’s Ill Mind of Hopsin 5 and also, Immortal Technique’s Dance with the Devil. These songs are timeless and if you have not heard them, you are truly missing out!!!

What’s next for you?

To answer the next interview question haha… honestly, who knows. Life is unpredictable like rolling a dice.

Is there anything else we should know?

I want to thank you guys for always supporting my projects. You can check us out at www.pohectic.com.

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Check out Prynce P The Great on Instagram.

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Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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