Papi Ganga - "You have to take advantage of opportunities, there’s no guarantee you’ll get a second chance." - Stereo Stickman

Papi Ganga “You have to take advantage of opportunities, there’s no guarantee you’ll get a second chance.”


Florida-based Hip Hop and RnB artist Papi Ganga brings the colour and energy to modern music, with a series of original tracks releasing throughout this month.

We caught an interview with Papi Ganga, to find out more about his music, where his journey began, and what the plan is for 2024. Here’s how it went.

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Papi Ganga – thanks fr the interview! To introduce things, where are you based, and what’s the defining quality of your music?

I’m originally from Jersey City, NJ, but I live in Fort Myers, Florida now. However, I record in Tampa, Florida.

Above all, I feel its authenticity. I’m comfortable in my skin and in who I am. I’ve had my ups and downs like anyone else, and I’m not afraid to speak on my good, bad and ugly.

2023 was a big year for you, plenty of streams on your tracks – when did you first start releasing originals, and what do you think it is about your sound that’s connecting?

I was introduced to the studio by a coworker in 2021. I started recording and releasing seriously in 2022. My first original song was G.A.S. (Good Ass Smoke).

“I believe my honesty is resonating with the people. I’m not afraid to speak on my lowlights and what I’ve learned from them and how I’ve tried to correct them.”

Using basketball as an example. Not everyone can fly through the air like a Michael Jordan. Not everyone is a physical specimen like LeBron James. But just about anyone can shoot a basketball. I’m not Stephen Curry, obviously, but I feel people are connecting to my music because it’s relatable and realistic.

Be Mine is brilliant, tropical production with strong melodic harmonies and a clean-cut rap verse on. How did this one come to be?

Thank you, I appreciate it. Be Mine went through quite the evolution. Lol.

The finished song is actually the third beat I used. The original had a blues/jazzy vibe to it. I caught writers block halfway through so I put it down and worked on other songs. I came across another beat that was more high energy and I finished my two verses on that beat. I couldn’t come up with a chorus to save my life, so I was thinking of getting someone to do it who could sing.

As I worked on other songs, Be Mine was always in the back of my head. One day I was listening to some Afro beats and I came across the beat I ultimately chose. It already had the voice on the chorus. I like how it sounded, so I bought it and scheduled a studio session. Once I recorded it, everything just clicked. It was done fast once I got in the booth.

Your flow is fairly old-school and classic, who were the first artists to inspire you?

The 90s music scene is a heavy influence, especially Hip Hop and RnB.

The artists that had major impacts on me are Big Pun, Nas, Jadakiss, Mary J Blige, Lauryn Hill, DeAngelo, among others.

What does the song Baby Boo represent for you?

It’s my positive spin on the phrase “ride or die.” My partner in “crime,” per se. It’s a fun record, produced by my engineer, soda n swishers. I’m just talking about meeting an ex of mine and some of our dealings and my feelings on us both good and bad.

I feel people will connect with the story and theme, plus it’s a fun beat with a great vibe. I have a few bars in there that provide comedic relief as well.

Tell me about the other upcoming release Didn’t Mean Anything – how different was the creative process, and how important is versatility for you as an artist?

Didn’t mean anything came together pretty fast. It already had the chorus on it, which helped to set the tone for my writing. Upon first impression, I felt I needed to talk about heartbreak in a failed relationship. I’ve been seeing a lot of video’s recently of people catching their significant other in the act of cheating. While that hasn’t happened to me, Thank God!, I chose to write from that angle. I had fun writing that song. Lol

Being versatile for me is huge! I consider myself a music artist, and I don’t want to paint myself in a corner of this is the only type of music I do. I love various genres of music and I have an eclectic palette. I feel that will all show more and more as I build my catalog.

Do you plan to perform live much next year or continue building your studio repertoire?

Both! I want to continue being consistent with my music releases, which currently is one new song per month. Thus, building my catalog.

However, performing is a focus for the coming year as I look for more exposure and to build my brand. Plus, I wanna start connecting with my supporters in person. I really wanna feel that energy.

What about videos, visuals and live clips, any plans for those?

Absolutely! I do my best on my own, but it would help to have someone I can rely on to help with building content so people can see more of me and who I am as a person. It’s definitely on the to do list for this coming year.

“I don’t wanna just post stuff to post. I want it to connect to something else and have some substance.”

If you were asked to perform at a packed arena this very weekend, would you accept, and how would you prepare or rise to the challenge?

Just give me the address, and I’m on my way!!! Lol

I would ABSOLUTELY accept. I’ve learned in life that you have to take advantage of opportunities, there’s no guarantee you’ll get a second chance.

In preparation, I would call in to work sick, and tell them to put bereavement leave on top of that cause my raccoon just died, joke. Lol

I would definitely call out sick tho, and use that time to rehearse.

What’s your biggest ambition right now, and what’s the best way people can support you?

My biggest ambition this coming year is to monetize my music so I can transition from working a full time job and doing music to being able to do music and entertainment full time.

The best way people can support me now is to like and share my music, and follow me on instagram. I’m looking into setting up my merch, so that’s on the horizon.

Is there anything else we should know?

I’m not the regular artist these days. I have a different angle and a unique way to describe things that’ll make you think, feel and or laugh.

Baby Boo is out now! Didn’t Mean Anything drops Dec 26.

I have a new song called Bubblegum dropping early January. Be on the lookout.

And finally, stay tuned, I have a lot more in store!

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Download or stream Be Mine, Kat Five & Didn’t Mean Anything. Find Papi Ganga on Instagram.

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