Matthew Phillips - "There are no words that truly can describe that moment other than it was a dream becoming reality before our eyes." - Stereo Stickman

Matthew Phillips “There are no words that truly can describe that moment other than it was a dream becoming reality before our eyes.”


Following the release of his stunning live video depicting a crowd united in a bold moment of vulnerability and emotion – We caught up with songwriter and artist, guitarist and Fender partner Matthew Phillips, to find out more about the new single Till Its Over.

We talk everything from the live show that became the video, to what the band have planned for the months ahead. Here’s the conversation in full.

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Hi Matthew – a real pleasure to catch up and loving the new single! You and the band have gone from strength to strength this year – where in that process did you write Till Its Over, and what does the single mean to you?

Thank you Rebecca. You’re too kind. We are very excited about Till Its Over. We wrote it directly after our single release show on July 2nd for our debut single So In Love. Thank you for the incredible write up and having us back.

I mentioned to my producer, Joel Piper, that I wanted to create 2 songs. 1 for us as musicians and 1 for the masses. “Let’s make a HIT”. We started with a complete blank slate with Till Its Over and the song began to take shape. We sat with it for a couple of weeks and when I came back to the Farmhouse studio I brought some vocal chops, melody, piano lines and completely different chords.

The song was really difficult to write and almost painful. I had to take a few pauses during the recording of the scratch vocal because I was getting choked up. I knew a lot of people felt that same way. I needed to share that feeling. The song is about being in a toxic relationship. Choosing to put yourself first and walk away from someone that isn’t good for you. A lot of us are guilty of sticking around too long because we are afraid of being lonely. It feels easier in most cases to endure the turmoil than risk being alone.

The final lyric before the drop “It’s not over till it’s over, it’s time to get over you” is a statement. It’s time to get over you and move on. I hope it can give strength to those who are in a similar situation and give them the courage to choose themselves and find true love.

You announced the live recording of the official video on social media – how did the filming day go on November 18th , and how does the spontaneity and unpredictable nature of that approach compared to a stricter creative plan?

It felt really natural because It was live. There was no rehearsal, no script or acting. We just documented what happened that evening and it was incredible. It was as real and genuine as it gets and I was floored by the amount of support we had that evening. The energy was electric.

What did it feel like to create such a huge moment of unity with so many people, as depicted in the live video clip – people who are connecting over something so difficult like heartbreak? How do you find the strength to turn such darkness into light?

It’s truly a gift. I am so thankful to be able to create that moment and make music that evokes that response. That’s the power of music. It brings people from so many different backgrounds together and it was nothing but incredible energy and love in the room.

Prior to starting Till Its Over I asked “Has anyone been in a toxic relationship? put up your light. Has anyone ever had their heart shattered into a million pieces? put up your light.” It was every single person in that room. It was such a privilege and honor to be able to capture that moment on film. It took courage to be vulnerable in that moment and put their lights up. I am so thankful that everyone was willing to be a part of that moment with me.

How did you and the band prepare for such a special event, and how does it feel to reflect upon it now?

We rehearsed alot for this show. The team was at the top of their game. It was the best show yet. We all agreed it was a moment, one we will never forget. Seeing all those lights from the front row to the back wall moving in unison to the music we are playing on stage was majestic. There are no words that truly can describe that moment other than it was a dream becoming reality before our eyes.

You recently crushed it on stage at San Diego’s Kaaboo Festival, tell me about that experience – were you nervous, did it feel like home, did it ignite even more passion in you to achieve and play the bigger stages?

It was a bit nerve racking to step up into the big leagues. We were on the same bill as Tom Petty, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Muse and Pink. Just to name a few of the heavy hitters in the lineup that day. It felt like home and something we want to strive to achieve. We want to be at that level of production at every show. The stage was massive! We had never experienced that before and it was absolutely liberating to perform on such a big stage. We learned a lot in regards to how they do things on that level/scale. My team has implemented all those lessons learned.

What’s the most exciting part of playing a festival to a crowd of strangers as opposed to a venue ticketed purely for your music?

Playing a festival is a bit more tricky. We have played quite a few not only in the United States but in Norway and Mexico. Generally if you play well, it feels like a victory to win them over. A ticketed show at a venue where every single person has paid for a ticket to see me is priceless. Nothing can ever top that feeling!

Someone asked me leading up to the House of Blues show, “Don’t you get nervous Matthew?” I replied. “Not one bit. A room full of people that support me, the venue staff, and my team all wanting the best for me. It’s impossible for me to be nervous”. I am very thankful because it was not always like that. We have built that support throughout the years of consistently creating moments throughout our live show. It gets better and better each time.

I have the best team. Adam Graham on the Drums, Reese Morin on Bass, Violeta Santoyo on playback and IEMS, Robert Bell in guitar world handling all RF and changeovers, Noah Gilman, Chris Ruel, Dusty Lane, and Elfego Becerra on cameras and Ron Young.

Since we last spoke in July, what’s been the most impactful part of your journey, and what’s changed for you the most in terms of your career and live performances?

The love and support has grown exponentially. We are so thankful for everyone that has come out to the shows. I say it from the stage at every show. “Without you, I would not be standing on this stage”. It’s because of their support. We have a place and a platform to perform. It’s something I don’t take for granted and I love each and every single person from the bottom of my heart.

The biggest change in our live show is playing more of our music. Since July, we have added 2 new tracks which we played live for the first time ever. It went over unbelievably well and I am just so thankful that the music we are playing is truly resonating. Our live set continues to get better and better. One particular change was the ability for me to not be stuck to my pedal board.

Prior to my last show in July, four days before to be exact, I had a major piece of my guitar rig go down. I DMed Mason Marangella aka: the “Rig Doctor”. He replied “you need a RJM Mastermind PBC/6X. contact Ron and Sheri”. I emailed them at 1am and Sheri replied at 3am. They had one ready for me to pick up at 9am that same morning. They saved my entire show. That’s a moment I will never forget.

Prior to the House of Blues show I started to experiment with Automation/midi so that my pedalboard could make changes fully autonomously. I was able to break away from my pedalboard and perform without worry. It was incredible how much it changed our live show. I didn’t have to worry or even think about running back to my board to catch/make a change. I was free to perform and connect with the audience in a way that simply wasn’t possible prior to this show.

What will the final month of 2023 bring for fans looking to catch you on stage or stay updated, and what’s the plan for next year?

We may release something here soon but mainly focused on 2024, new tracks, upcoming tours, and shows. We have something historic in the works. I can’t wait to share.

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Download or stream Till Its Over. Find Matthew Phillips on Facebook, TikTok & Instagram or visit his Website.

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