Master Machine - "I go based on what has affected me the most in life. Which experiences have had the most impact & meaning to me." - Stereo Stickman

Master Machine “I go based on what has affected me the most in life. Which experiences have had the most impact & meaning to me.”


Elusive producer Master Machine has released six original singles in recent months, showcasing a distinctly versatile approach to crafting unique and engaging music. We caught an interview with the artist behind the music, to find out more about the journey that led to this point. Here’s how it went.

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Master Machine – thanks for the interview! Your music is incredibly unique, sonically and topically. Where are you based, and who or what first inspired you to get creative?

I’m based in Los Angeles, and I grew up here in the town or city of Burbank.

I’ve always liked music…since I was a kid. All kinds of music. It was my favorite thing. I liked the sound of a piano the most whenever it was played.

By the time I was 21 years old, I got my first keyboard and started to learn to play it, and attempted to write songs of my own. That’s where it all really started as far as creative expression.

Never Easy is one of your top tracks, a retro electronic stomp of a single, with clean-cut vocals that directly address someone. What was the writing process like for this song, and how does it feel when you listen back now?

The process was difficult, just like with most songs, because there was a lot of re-writing. I changed the lyrics and music many times because I felt it didn’t always express what I wanted to say in the best way. I am very proud of what I was able to write when I hear it now.

Musically we get clear keys and vocal melodies intertwined with each electronic soundscape – are you musically trained, do you play any instruments, and is there a potential for a more unplugged sound in the future?

I play keys and that is the only instrument that I can play. I don’t come from any musical background. I started to explore music when I was a young adult in my early 20s. I tried to learn everything by myself. I had a few private music teachers who were able to help me understand and learn more about music and apply to my songs. Especially with drum beats and programming drums, since I ended up doing all the writing myself. I also learned a lot of songs from my favorite bands, so that ended up helping me the most to writing songs.

Magical Girl maintains that now recognisable style – the retro synths, the eighties vibe and the heavy rhythm. Here we get a whole new story though. What part of the song came to you first, and how do you decide which stories to write about?

The first thing that came was the lyrics. Then the music. It is usually like that for most of my songs. I start with the lyrics, the idea, what do I want to say or express in the song. I go based on what has affected me the most in life. Which experiences have had the most impact and meaning to me.

What are your go-to synths or software options as a producer?

I have two keyboards, one is a Yamaha and the other a Roland Juno. They both have amazing different types of sounds and synths. Most of the songs I have recorded now, I used Logic and a lot of their built in sounds. They are surprisingly good sounds and worked well for my songs.

You’ve amassed thousands of monthly listeners with your music – what would you say is the key to consistently building an audience?

I would say it was taking baby steps along the way. You can start with anywhere there is a focus on music, like the obvious Spotify and SoundCloud, etc. Show as many people as you can and see the reaction.

You should also think of new ways that you would like to connect with people. And also the traditional way of face to face connections, going to places with a crowd and music being played similar to yours.

What’s your plan of action as an artist for the rest of 2024?

I am planning on getting more exposure online and putting more effort into that. I am also planning on playing more live shows and traveling to reach new audiences. Travel will most probably start local, then all over the US, then outside the US like Mexico, Canada, Europe, and I have no idea where exactly and how it will all go. But there is some kind of a plan still, so this will go beyond 2024 and we will see how it goes.

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Find Master Machine on Spotify, Instagram, Soundcloud, YouTube & his Website.

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