Logan Alexandra - "I posted my second mashup on TikTok. It quickly hit a million views & my following shot up. This opened so many doors for me." - Stereo Stickman

Logan Alexandra “I posted my second mashup on TikTok. It quickly hit a million views & my following shot up. This opened so many doors for me.”


Singer and artist Logan Alexandra recently launched her fast-rising single and video Daydreaming. We caught up with her to find out more about the song, her growing success online, and her plans moving forward. Here’s how it went.

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Hi Logan – it’s a pleasure to chat with you, and congratulations on the brand new single and video! For those who don’t know, when and how did you first get started in the music world? 

Thank you so much for having me. I’m so excited my new song Daydreaming is finally out into the world! 

I got started in the music world when I was 16 years old. I had just had my first heartbreak and decided to write music about it. After 5 years of songwriting, growth, and 5 single releases, I figured out who I wanted to be as an artist. Although, it wasn’t until quarantine of 2020 where people really started to pay attention to me and my music.

On May 23, 2020 I posted my second mashup on TikTok: “8 Songs by Ariana Grande in 1 Minute“. It quickly hit a million views and my following shot up. This opened so many doors for me. I was no longer releasing music for basically just my friends and family to hear, but to a wide audience that cared about my music. 

What can you tell us about the song – how did it come to be, and how did you come up with the visual storyline for the video? 

I wrote Daydreaming in my college dorm room by myself with my keyboard. I was feeling very inspired by the love that my boyfriend and I have for each other. A love that doesn’t just think about the now but plans for the future without hesitation. The lyrics came very naturally and I finished the song in under an hour.

Being a very visual person; dreams about the music video began right after I finished the song. I didn’t want the music video to take a literal approach with the storyline of the lyrics. I wanted it to look and feel universal to how the listener may interpret the song. 

We went with the idea that I would be walking through a dream world or wonderland, but at the end it takes a bit of a twist as I fall from that wonderland through clouds and into darkness. This scene can be left to the viewer’s interpretation! 

Do you think daydreaming is always indicative of what we should work towards, or is it sometimes just fun to fantasise and escape for a while? 

For me daydreaming is encouraging and pushes me towards my goals for the future. It’s a look at the big picture in hopes that the work I’m putting in now will all be worth it one day. 

How important has networking and collaboration been in your journey as an artist? 

Networking and collaboration is huge for my career. When I was in college I got to collaborate with so many fellow students who loved music. I learned something new from each person I collaborated with.

Networking has also helped my journey as an artist. Most of my networking nowadays happens online through social media. A lot of the people I work with, like the graphic designer for the album art on Daydreaming, I found on instagram! 

(Album Art by @KenyGraphic on Instagram)

How have you found the switch from covers to originals – is it more nerve-wracking releasing an original or personal song, or does it give you a better opportunity to really connect with your audience? 

The goal in creating music was always to do originals. Like I wrote above, I’ve been writing songs since I was 16, so every release is so exciting for me.

Daydreaming is especially exciting because it’s the first single that I feel accurately represents who I want to be as an artist. My audience can feel that this song is personal to me which made them really connect with it. The response so far has been amazing. 

It’s clear that you’re incredibly responsive with your fans online – some artists choose to be more mysterious with their persona, but your followers seem to really appreciate the interaction.

Is this something you always strive to maintain, and will you find it difficult as your career and reputation evolve, if you can’t always keep a one-to-one with everybody?

I love talking and connecting with my fans online. They are the reason I’m able to pursue my dreams. No matter how much I evolve as an artist I will always try to maintain that relationship with my fans. They help me in so many ways with feedback, content ideas, and encouragement, so I love doing the same for them. I would never want to lose that. 

Where would be your dream venue or event to perform at, and why?

My dream venue is Talking Stick Arena which is in Arizona where I was born and raised. I’ve been to so many amazing concerts there and at every one I think; “maybe that will be me up there one day”.

What’s next for you, what can we look forward to in the coming months? 

A new single in January and a music video for it. I’ve played this song for friends and family and every person has said this is my best one yet. I also think my fans will be obsessed with it. 

Hey Stereo Stickman and everyone reading this; that’s the first time I’ve shared the release month of my next single! Keep an eye out…

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Check out Logan Alexandra on Instagram or visit her Website.

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