Lisa Orlando - "No matter how far gone you are, no matter how little you believe in yourself, no matter what; a better life is always possible." - Stereo Stickman

Lisa Orlando “No matter how far gone you are, no matter how little you believe in yourself, no matter what; a better life is always possible.”


Singer and songwriter Lisa Orlando has recently launched her brand new album Last Night Of My Life – an EDM collection of heartfelt classics, which introduces her thoughtful writing and energising musicality on an absolute high.

We were blessed with the opportunity to interview Lisa, to find out more about the project, her journey so far as an artist, and her plans for the future. Here’s how it went.

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Hi Lisa – thanks for the interview! For those new to your work, when did you start in music, and what first inspired you?

I started making music about 3 years ago publicly, but I’ve always been working on music, it Just wasn’t something I shared with the world until recently. What first inspired me was seeing how much music could make an impact on people and how deeply music could touch someone’s soul, unlike anything else I’ve seen in my life. That kind of magic made me really want to put out some of the experiences I went through,  that could hopefully touch someone else’s life.

What can you tell us about the project Last Night Of My Life?

Last night of my life came about from the realization that life is way too short, and I knew if I were to die tomorrow, these songs on the album are what I’d want to leave the world with. I wanted to leave behind songs that truly meant something to me, and could truly hopefully help others. That’s all I’ve ever wanted to do. I’ve been through so much and if that’s the only thing I get to do in life, (help others) I’ll be happy.

Does your difficult past relating to anxiety and addiction make its way into your music, and if so – does this process help with healing?

Yes most definitely, all of my past experiences make their way into my music. Even in a happy song of mine there’s always a little bit of pain to be found in the lyrics. I’m still growing, healing and coming to terms with my past, but music definitely helps me beyond measure, I don’t even know who I’d be without it. It’s become such a huge part of my life and my recovery.

How did the song Fell in Love with the Darkness come to be?

Fell in love with the darkness is about a past experience I had with someone who I fell in love with who took pleasure in my pain & personally caused so much of it. They got off on having power over me, and enjoyed watching me suffer.

In the song I talk about how they treated me and how much pain they put me through. It was an abusive relationship, absolutely toxic. But as few people ever do, it wasn’t something I realized until it was too late because it didn’t start out that way. I truly loved that person but that whole experience with the person, absolutely broke me and they took pleasure in that. It’s something I’m still healing from to this day.

The song itself felt so therapeutic to write. The hook came to me long before I sat down to work on the project with my producer, it was probably one of the easiest songs I’ve ever written in terms of how quickly it all poured out; and how ironic it is, because its about one of the hardest times in my life. I wanted to let people know that you can get out of those situations and that there is a light on the other side. In the end it only made me stronger as a person, and I’m so glad I was able to make it through.

I’m so sorry to hear about the passing of your father. You’ve mentioned that he helped instil determination in you – what was some of the best advice he gave?

Thank you;  some of the best advice he ever gave me was to follow my dreams and find what my passion is in life and stick to it. He was a successful artist with a worldwide following for his artwork, so his words truly resonated with me because he personally knew what it was like.

My parents were very supportive of my passions in life but for my dad, his parents weren’t, and he knew how hard it was for him to pursue his artwork when his parents didn’t take it seriously. So he made sure that my brothers and I never felt that way. He supported us in everything we do.

I am blessed to have had such incredible parents. My mom’s alive and she is my biggest fan, she’s helped me so much throughout my life and especially after my father’s passing, which was incredibly hard on me. I am the most like my father, he was my best friend in the whole world and I hope to make my parents proud someday.

Given the EDM style of many of the songs, what would a live show be like, and is there room for a stripped-back acoustic delivery on occasion?

I would definitely sing an acoustic version of a few songs for sure, but I’d definitely like to sing to the EDM style upbeat dance songs in the same fashion they were put out with because I really enjoy that style of music and that would feel the most authentic to me. I would most likely have my producer make a vocal free version of the songs and sing to the instrumentals of the songs live. That’s how I’ve done it so far for my live performances.

Is there a tour on the cards?

Yes, hopefully sometime in the near future, that’s the plan 🙂 !

Which song from the project best represents you as an artist, and why?

I think last night of my life – the song, truly represents me as an artist because that song shows my most authentic self and it’s the kind of music I enjoy making the most, plus it talks about overcoming hardships and becoming a stronger person for it and living it up without regrets, which I think represents me as an artist completely. It truly aligns with where I am today in my life, personally and career-wise.

What’s your plan of action as an indie artist right now, do you have the next six months already worked out, or will you just go with the flow?

As of right now it’s more a go with the flow situation, but I am hoping to get to go on tour and start really making an impact with my music and my story.

If you could sit down for lunch with anyone at all, past or present, who would you choose – and what would you ask them about?

I would choose My dad, because I miss him dearly and I honestly would love to hear some of his advice and get to talk to him again one last time. I really hope he would be proud of me and how far I’ve come in my life and with pursuing my dreams.

What’s something about you that people might be surprised to hear?

That every person who knew me at one point, wrote me off as dead, because my addiction was so bad – no one thought I was going to make it out alive. It took a lot of strength and will power, and learning healthy coping mechanisms, and getting on the right medication but I was finally able to get myself clean, and I’m currently going on 4 years clean and sober.

Massive congratulations – that’s a huge achievement, something to be so proud of!

Is there anything else you’d like to say?

Yes, I truly hope that anyone going through a rough time or anyone that’s had a hard life, doesn’t have a lot of friends or family or anyone that feels like giving up knows, knows that things truly do get better – and if you want a better life for yourself, you and only you, have the power to make that happen for yourself.

No matter how far gone you are, no matter how little you believe in yourself, no matter what – a better life is always possible. You are here for a reason! Keep going, keep staying strong. I promise if you want it to get better and you really do everything in your power to make that happen, it will!

As corny as it may sound it is the truth – believe in yourself and anything is possible. Even if no one else believes in you. Live your life to the fullest and try to live with no regrets knowing that you gave everything you had to follow your heart and follow your dreams.                 

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