Jammie Jolly - "Continued growth! You must be willing to change with the times & learn from others." - Stereo Stickman

Jammie Jolly “Continued growth! You must be willing to change with the times & learn from others.”


Longtime producer and artist Jammie Jolly boasts an impressively extensive repertoire of original songs. Versatility is an outright strength, and for this interview we delved into that process and the value of eclecticism as a modern artist.

We also talk song meanings, early inspirations, and ambitions. Here’s the conversation in full.

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Jammie Jolly – what a pleasure, thanks for your time! To set things up, how would you describe the music you make, and what have you been working on these past few weeks?  

I make music that sooths the soul! I love to make all kinds of music from any genre based on what I’m going through. Right now, my next album is a follow-up to my initial solo single so strong, a Christian album giving thanks for my 15 years cancer-free healing.

You’re a producer, artist and writer, active on the scene since the late nineties – what’s been the most valuable change you’ve witnessed about the music industry over the years?

Continued growth! You must be willing to change with the times and learn from others. I love how music has become more open and accessible to everyone and you don’t need the large studio to create what you want, when you want!

How do you get started when crafting a brand new track – do you play any instruments, or head straight to the studio software?

I usually come up with the chords on my piano and then I start recording using software.  Depending on the sound I want, I’ll bring in my people from my crew to add to it and we end up with the finished product.

Let’s talk about I Really Love You – a smooth RnB single with unique melodic threads that are quickly recognisable. Was this an entirely solo endeavour, and do you remember how that key melody came to you?

I wrote the song about my wife! We have been married for 10 years and after having 2 kids, I felt the need to share my feelings through my music.

Who or what first inspired you back in the day to make music, and who do you listen to lately?

I grew up in the church, so I’ve always been around music, but I was heavily influenced by boy bands back in the 90’s

Gypsy Woman is one of your most streamed tracks to date, a notably darker, heavier vibe, again unique and distinct for your paired vocals and melodic production. Why do you think this song connects so well, and is it important for you to balance versatility with traits of identity as an artist?

I did this song with my father-in-law! He’s heavy into rock and I wanted to help him fulfil his dream, so we wrote this together and I’m happy at how it came out.

I Believe is also a huge anthem, brilliantly passionate, catchy and distorted – another shift in style. What does this track represent in terms of you and your journey, and who played guitars on this?  

I have a crew of people that I work with and many of them have their speciality. One of my main guys is David Rosario, and he’s an amazing musician and has been my music director ever since I started doing music.

In what ways did serving in the US Navy impact your approach as a creative artist?

It reminds me to do everything with excellence! Take pride and ownership in what you do!

You’ve published over 50 original songs, how do you separate the good from the mediocre, and which song from your repertoire would you say best represents your style? 

Some songs you write are just song ideas that may not turn out great! But then there are other songs that are from the heart, based on how you are feeling and what you’re going through. When I write those songs, they’re the ones that I know people need to hear!

Do you have plans to perform live much this year?

Maybe later this year, but currently I’m just focused on making music.

Is there anything else we should know?

I was selected for the Grammy’s in the producers and engineers wing 5 years ago and that was a huge accomplishment as an indie artist! #blessed

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Find Jammie Jolly via his website or production website.

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