Ezekiel John - "My faith is the biggest part of my creative approach. In order for me to create something that is meaningful with a powerful message, I have to lean on the word of God." - Stereo Stickman

Ezekiel John “My faith is the biggest part of my creative approach. In order for me to create something that is meaningful with a powerful message, I have to lean on the word of God.”


Following the release of his sensational new album The Name Of Jesus, sublime vocalist, songwriter and musician Ezekiel John kindly took part in an interview.

We talk everything from Faith to songwriting, live shows, ambition, work ethic, AI and social media. Here’s how it went.

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Hi Ezekiel – a real pleasure to talk with you, and congratulations for the truly stunning album. To introduce things, where are you based, and how would you describe the style of your music?

I’m based in Washington State, and I’m originally from Tanzania. My style of music is mixed with so many different styles. They are all talking about the same thing (God) but different genres such as Contemporary christian, gospel, afro, pop music. The majority of my songs are in Swahili, but I’m looking forward to writing more English songs.

Where did you grow up, and what would you say were your main musical influences in developing this style?

I grew up in Tanzania, although I’ve been in the US for about 12 years I developed a lot of music skills here in the US. I grew up in church, my family was always in the worship team and so they were the main musical influences in developing this style and all the styles of music that I do is just creativity, and trying new things.

The album The Name of Jesus is beautiful, uplifting, colourful, blending world music flavours in a unique fashion, with sublime vocals. What inspired the making of this project, why this title, and what was the process like for these 20 original songs?

I’ve never thought that I would one day make an album with a bunch of songs in it. I had so many songs in my folder, and first I wanted it to be an EP because i didn’t think I was ready for an album with so many songs. But because I kept wanting to add more songs, I just had to make it an album.

The inspiration has always been about Jesus. The reason why I chose that title is because everything is around the Name of JESUS. In the christian faith, all that is in it is about Jesus. So I thought my first Album should be called The Name of Jesus.

The process of making these songs was long. I had to collaborate with a few of my friends who are producers back in my country to help bring it together. Some of the songs were ready to release. The long process was when I had to add more songs that weren’t ready yet. It took about 5 months for it to be ready to release. I don’t know if that a short amount of time or Long, but It worked out and I praise God it did and I was able to release the project.

In what ways does your Faith impact or guide your creative approach?

I think that my faith is the biggest part of my creative approach. In order for me to create something that is more meaningful with a powerful message, I have to lean on the word of God, and pray about the lyrics or over the lyrics that are coming in my thoughts.

JINA LA YESU is ideal as an opener, a brilliant introduction. Tell me about the making of this song, and what does it mean to you?

Thank you! The song is about the Name Of Jesus. It talks about how powerful the name is, and how that name is everything. When I was making this song, I was just vibing to the beat and the chorus came. I really loved the chorus, so I decided to write the whole song with all the other parts of it. This song reminds me of who Jesus is and what kind of Name it is.

The entire album is a dream to listen to – great writing, faultless performances, and superb production. Are you musically trained, do you play any instruments, and do you produce the tracks yourself?

Thank you so much! I am not musically trained as me going to school and getting a degree. I was taught to play the Guitar by my older brother. I self taught the piano and drums. I try all those different instruments. I wish I was a lot better, but I do play a little bit of those instruments.

I produced some of those tracks and then I would send them to a different producer to mix and master.

Who or what first inspired you to focus your passion and energy towards making music?

I’m pretty sure that Covid did a lot of things to a lot of people. I’ve always wanted to get into recording and releasing my music to the world. but I just didn’t know how. I started learning how to produce, so I would write songs on some of those beginner beats that I would make.

One day during Covid when everyone decided to do something because there was nothing else to do outside of your home, I decided that I put my energy and focus towards making music professionally.

You also keep things authentic in the performance realm, with live clips on social media. How easy or difficult have you found it to connect with audiences in today’s online landscape, and what are your thoughts on the rise of AI in music?

I lead worship at church a lot, so I already know how to connect with the audience. It’s quite hard to connect with audiences online because growing online could be really hard because you are not really giving them all that you can do.

“Honestly, I don’t know about AI in music. I think that people won’t be authentic anymore.”

How often do you get to perform shows, and what would be your dream venue or event to grace the stage of?

I don’t often perform shows because I don’t get to do that yet. I’m praying for doors to open for me to be able to perform at shows and Christian events. That’s definitely a dream.

I honestly don’t even know that many ! I just want to be able to share my gift with as many people as I can by the Grace of God!

If you could collaborate with anyone at all, past or present, who would you choose, and why?

There are so many christian artists I would love to collaborate with. I would love to collaborate with Chandler Moore, Tauren Wells, there’s a lot. But these two for now because they reach the younger generation with their message in the music.

What’s your plan of action as an artist for the coming months and years?

Some of the plans are definitely to pray more, keep releasing songs, to promote more than I’ve always done in the past. I don’t do a good job of promoting my music, so I’m looking forward to promoting a lot to reach more people.

Which song from this album would you play or perform for a new listener, and why?

I think that it depends on where the listener is from. I have a couple of English songs. I would perform the song named Purpose. That so have hope in, and encouragement, strength, finding yourself. It has a powerful message that I think that everyone can listen to and be encouraged in one way or another.

Is there anything else you’d like to say?

I thank you for this interview! Please check me out on all platforms, I have a lot of projects that I’m excited to share with you guys.

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