Edwin Camille - "The music I make is honestly just a journal entry of what’s going on in my life, it reflects me as a person so I think my audience will grow with me & accept whatever it is I do." - Stereo Stickman

Edwin Camille “The music I make is honestly just a journal entry of what’s going on in my life, it reflects me as a person so I think my audience will grow with me & accept whatever it is I do.”


Creatively unconfined and on top-form in both songwriting and performance, rapper and artist Edwin Camille brings a uniquely versatile set of originals to modern music. We caught up with Edwin to find out more about this approach, what inspires things, what the goals are, and plenty more. Here’s the conversation in full.

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Hi Edwin – great to chat with you, thanks for the chance! To introduce things, what first got you into music, and how would you describe your style?

So happy to speak with you! It’s a pleasure. I’ve always wanted to make music since a kid, I honestly didn’t think it was possible. When I was 17 I bought a interface and started making music with my friends in my basement, everything changed from there.

I would describe my style as a fusion of hip-hop with influences from various genres, I try to incorporate elements of everything in what I do.

The new single ‘Lovestruck’ is brilliant, ethereal production and a catchy indie hook, with striking rap verses to back it up. Tell me about the creative process from inception to mastering, how did it all come to be?

Thank you i’m glad you like it! The song was produced by ‘Acting like I’m famous’ , a producer from CT. During a session he played the beat and I immediately asked if I could have it. I wrote the hook and verses pretty quick, I feel like hooks are my strong suit its where I thrive at the most for sure.

The song is me reflecting back to a specific experience that I had so it made the song easy to write. The whole process was very organic, I’m really happy with this song and how it came out. We knew right off the bat this was something people had to hear as soon as possible.

Are you musically trained, do you produce your own tracks, play any instruments, or do you work with producers and just roll with their beats?

I’ve been working with some very talented producers. I love collaborating and building on ideas with others. I make beats here and there but I don’t usually rap or sing on them, I’d rather just give them away to other artists if they want them.

The song has a distinctly different vibe to the likes of Get Dat Sh!t – is this a new direction for you, or is versatility a strength?

I wouldn’t say this is a new direction, it’s just what i feel in the moment. I could drop another song like Get Dat Sh!t tomorrow it all depends on the feeling.

Given the use of Metal guitars as much so as Trap rhythms and Soulful hooks, what would be the genre that would most surprise listeners that you’re a fan of?

I’m honestly a fan of everything. I feel like listeners wouldn’t be too surprised about that. I’ve actually been listening to a lot of 80s pop lately, does that count? I could go on for hours about this question so I’ll just stop here.

Last year’s Vanilla Scent has a similar indie-rock vibe and catchy melody. What’s a live show like from Edwin Camille – full band, solo acoustic, just you and a laptop; what’s the plan?

Me and a laptop! Hopefully in the future I can have a full band, but that comes with time. I actually just started performing this year. I’m very energetic & in the zone when I’m on stage. I get so caught up in the energy… sometimes I forget to speak, so I like to have my DJ with me to help me communicate with the crowd.

“Performing is honestly a breathtaking experience, I feel like I had certain expectations before going into it but it’s completely different than I thought.”

What’s the best thing that could happen for you and your music in the next six months?

Evolve the sound. That’s all I care about, everything else will come. I don’t want to think too far ahead and have any expectations. I trust that whatever is going to happen (good or bad) will be the best thing for me regardless.

How will you maintain authenticity and identity as your audience expands and potentially demands a certain style from you?

By being myself. One thing I realized is, my audience can demand a certain style from me if they want but if I give them something they weren’t expecting… they’ll get used to it eventually. It’s hard to be like “They want rap… so I’ll only make rap” and Vice versa. I want to give the people what they want but I have to express myself also, it’s a balance.

The music I make is honestly just a journal entry of what’s going on in my life, it reflects me as a person so I think my audience will grow with me and accept whatever it is I do.

What’s your biggest struggle right now as an independent artist, and on the flip-side – what’s the best part of this journey?

Getting everyone around you on the same page. The best part of this journey is everything else, I’m having a lot of fun.

If you were asked to perform at somewhere like Red Rocks tomorrow evening, would you accept, and how would you prepare or rise to that sudden challenge?

Wow, I love this question. Hell yeah I would accept, I honestly think that would be the greatest show of all time. I’m bringing as many people as I can with me & we’re turning that shit up, excuse my language.

What’s next for you, and what can fans anticipate for 2024?

A lot of music is coming, more performances, collaborations and a lot of visuals as well. I’m constantly creating, so I will have a lot to give to the people to start the year.

Is there anything else we should know?

Don’t sleep on Connecticut!

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