DownTown Mystic - "Everything & everyone vibrate with energies represented by numbers. Music is mathematical in nature. Sound has frequency. Strings vibrate when played. It’s all interrelated." - Stereo Stickman

DownTown Mystic “Everything & everyone vibrate with energies represented by numbers. Music is mathematical in nature. Sound has frequency. Strings vibrate when played. It’s all interrelated.”


Following the release of his latest album Rock ‘n’ Roll For The Soul, we talk in depth with the artist and songwriter behind DownTown Mystic. The conversation meanders from early inspirations to versatility, spirituality, aspirations, numerology, and even includes a personal mystic reading on my behalf. Enjoy!

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Hi Robert – thanks so much for the interview, and massive congrats for the wonderful new album. For those new to your work, what initially inspired you to pick up the guitar, and what was the name of the very first song you ever wrote?

My mother bought me an acoustic nylon-stringed guitar and guitar lessons for my birthday after The Beatles played The Ed Sullivan Show. It was a monumental moment that changed music forever. That music was rock’n’roll and it changed the world as I knew it. A year later I wrote my first song with my cousin Gordon called I Don’t Care. Even then I showed an RnR attitude. lol

The title of this project is quite specific, but in my opinion beautifully encapsulates the array of songs found within. What prompted you to reference rock and roll for the soul, and what connects the songs within the project?

Thanks for picking up on that. I try to create a group of songs that fit a certain theme that I’m trying to convey. I think it goes to the idea of what is an album. The idea of the album as an art form has a special place in RnR. Trying to make a record that’s “all killer and no filler” is not an easy task.

It’s no wonder that there’s been so much talk about the “death of the album”. Streaming has created a market for single tracks. But I could not release these songs one at a time. I want the listener to experience them as one musical statement, which is RnR 4 The Soul.

“There’s an energy and vibe that connects the songs on this album. They flow into each other, and the listener needs to feel and experience the emotion of them for the full listening experience. I think that’s what makes a great album and maybe that’s what we’ve lost just listening to individual tracks.”

Did you record this with a full band or as a solo project, and in either case, do you have plans to perform live much this year?

I usually record with a rhythm section—bass and drums, with me on guitar. It’s a solo project as well as a band project. I like playing with high-end pro musicians who know how to play RnR at the level I’m going for. Finding the grooves requires a certain skill set. Live wise, I’m in the studio this year.

Your music notes millions of streams across Spotify alone. What have been the main tools you’ve used to achieve this, and what impact has greater audience exposure had on your opportunities as an independent artist?

When I have an album project to release, I usually start promoting it by releasing 3 or 4 singles in advance to gain exposure. I promote these singles to Radio. Promoting to Radio for an album? You can see what a dinosaur I am! Lol I’ve been doing it like this for years and it looks like it’s finally paying off.

My last album AmeriKarma and the singles preceding its release, received airplay on over 4000 radio stations around the world. I also promote to Spotify playlists, but the audience reached by these stations had an impact on my streaming numbers, which increased 6 times what they previously were. That’s huge for an artist like me and I think it shows that Radio still has significance.

In what ways does the purpose of the latest album differ from last year’s AmeriKarma?

The AmeriKarma album dealt with the experience of the covid pandemic. I felt that we all had experienced something historic that changed our lives forever and I wanted to create a piece of art that reflected on that experience. You can’t get more basic than dealing and making sense of Life and Death. The album seemed to strike a chord with people, no pun intended.

RnR 4 The Soul is more about how DownTown Mystic came into existence. The success of AmeriKarma garnered a wider audience and allowed me to release RnR 4 The Soul as an introduction to the rock’n’roll that DownTown Mysic was built on.

Both projects reference spirituality to a degree, is this something that inspires the way you play or write, or something you’d like to employ as a means of finding like-minded listeners?

I discovered Numerology and became quite adept at it. Numerology is the Science of Vibrations. Everything and everyone vibrate with energies represented by numbers. Music is mathematical in nature. Sound has frequency. Strings vibrate when played. It’s all interrelated. I’m interested in creating a positive vibe or frequency with my music and releasing it out to the world. I think it’s my true purpose.

The songs on RnR 4 The Soul are very human and relatable. The songs are also very emotional, with a few that are really sad. But I think sadness helps us to release dis-ease thru tears and that can be very positive for the body.

Which song from the new release would you recommend first to new listeners, and why?

You might as well start at the beginning with Track 1—Turn Around and Go. Besides trying to get people to connect with the emotions of the songs, I also try to make them dance. RnR should always be played with a groove that can get your toes tapping and make you want to get your body moving. This song does just that. The energy and vibe of the track is hard to resist.

What’s the biggest challenge you’re currently facing as an indie artist?

Too many indie artists! Lol There’s something like 100,000 tracks being released on Spotify every week. There’s an insane amount of music out there. I would say the biggest challenge facing any artist is somehow cutting thru the noise and getting people to listen to what it is you do.

Thankfully, I’ve become successful at getting people to listen to my music. When I was going into the studio to record the songs that would become AmeriKarma, my thoughts were not on recording them, but how I was going to promote them.

What’s your biggest ambition for the year ahead?

I’m currently in the studio finishing the songs that were recorded during the AmeriKarma sessions but not completed. Once RnR 4 The Soul runs its course I’ll be releasing some singles. Ambition wise, I’d like to get my publishing catalog out there and get some exposure for my songs in some other areas of the music biz.

“My songs have great track records getting radio play and I’ve also become one of the top sync-licensed indie artists with music placed in over 240 TV shows and films. Maybe work with other artists as a writer or producer. I’m open to everything.”

Is there anything else we should know?

Yes, there is…

The reason I’m called DownTown Mystic is DownTown is the RnR side and Mystic is the creative/spiritual side. It gets infused with the music. So speaking from my Mystic side I would like to impart a few things to you.

As a Numerologist I can tell you that as Rebecca Cullen, your name vibrates at the number 5. Rebecca=28(1) Cullen=22(4). You have some crazy vibes going on. Your last name vibrates at the master number 22, so you’re also an old soul. Master numbers are never reduced: 2+2=4 because it lowers the vibration. I would think you’re a bit intense. Lol.

Behind your number 5 you have 6 3s and 4 5s. The vowels in your name = 1. The vowels represent your inner self, the person you really are. 1 is the number of a leader. That’s who you really are. 1s are creative by nature, which is aided by those 6 3s. Remember, 1 is the rock upon which all the numbers are built on. You are a very strong person who is a leader by nature and likes her freedom and space. The 5 also makes you a natural salesperson. The 22 enables you to manifest easily but it carries a good deal of energy that requires an outlet. You’re a dynamo!

Ok that was a brief reading, but you now know I’m the real deal. lol

The next thing I want to impart is the fact that Pluto is now in Aquarius. It literally means “Power To The People!” This is a generational event. Aquarius is all about humanity and Pluto is all about power. The last time Pluto was in Aquarius was 1798! Major Revolutions took place, remember the USA gaining independence? The people decided that the monarchies and autocrats had to go like in the French Revolution in 1789.

It’s time for the politics of fear and hate to fall away. All efforts to hold on to power for power’s sake will not end well. You can see it already taking place. The last thing I want to impart is this…

We all have to take responsibility for our lives. We are co-creators of everything that happens to us. My guides tell me that everything that happens in my life is for my benefit. That might seem strange and untrue but it’s not, and I’ve had cancer.

“If you take responsibility for your life, you will see that nobody can really do anything to you, unless you allow it to happen. We might think something bad has happened to us, but good and bad are judgements, 2 sides of the same coin.”

Viewed differently, what we think of as bad might actually be of benefit. The Chinese use the same symbol for chaos as they do for opportunity.

Remember this, luck is the meeting of opportunity and preparation. Lucky breaks happen when the opportunity presents itself and we are prepared to act on it. BOOM!

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Download or stream Rock’n’Roll For The Soul. Visit the DownTown Mystic Website for more information or follow them on Facebook.

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