DJ Cro-G - "Current mood is the only concept, you can't force to feel without drawbacks." - Stereo Stickman

DJ Cro-G “Current mood is the only concept, you can’t force to feel without drawbacks.”


Following the release of Severance Delight – Dreamer Version (Instrumental), we sat down for a chat with producer and artist DJ Cro-G to find out more about what moves him to create and what his hopes are as a musician. Here’s how it went. 

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Hey – thanks for your time with this! Severance Delight – Dreamer Version – really loving this track. Who or what would you say originally inspired your creative direction as a producer?

Thank you for having me, always happy to use the time when the topic is music. Very glad you liked it, it has been a very long road for Severance Delight to see the light of day in the version it is now.

Most of the time my tunes just pop-up when I am looking into samples and beats in my home studio, so they decide to combine themselves in some melodic form. I am just a facilitator of those files laying dormant until you touch them and make them tell you something. I treat every sound like I do people, listen and discard or embed them within a few seconds, one just knows if there will be harmony or not almost immediately.

So, to go back to your question, I was inspired solely by instruments and the feeling they created, one step at the time. My only direction for doing that was to listen to what they were trying to say and direct the ambiance to something that can be enjoyed alone on headphones while in public transit and played on a live stage at the same time.

What does the term Severance Delight mean for you, and how does the track connect with the idea behind it – what sort of feeling do you hope it portrays?

Name came at random when I was saving it to be honest 🙂 Severance is usually something that is connected with one’s negative situations like personal loss, a cut or even a break-up. Delight however, brings that relief one feels after a very long, damaging relationship, be it at one’s job or personally – thus replacing a void with space to do something else without remorse. I hope that the dreamy feeling got conveyed to the ones listening in a same manner, dynamic and dreamy at the same time. It is made to let inner thoughts wander and come back within those few minutes – harmonized distraction is always good if you are too focused 🙂

How do you generally get started when creating a brand new track?

Ha, that’s the easiest question so far! Starts with me usually saying “I’m going to play” to my partner, sitting down, opening a blank project in music creation software and click through sound-pools and samples until something sticks to match my current mood. Current mood is the only concept there really, you can’t force to feel without its drawbacks. End product like that lacks real, human component.

The version entitled Her Dream differs from the dreamer version primarily because of the featured vocal and lyrics – what does each piece represent for you, and why did you want to release two alternative takes?

And there will be more too 🙂 Indeed, tracks with lyrics happened on a suggestion of few friend musicians listening to it; suggestion was to get the tune on the radio. As we all know, time of music-only tunes have passed when Chemical Brothers, Underworld and Faithless EDM styles turned voiced. Somehow, without lyrics, their other tunes have stopped being played on top 40 pop radios on regular basis. EDM is, consequently, now either Pop or designed for festivals. I looked if I can find a story through some voice samples and Her Dream version was born.

Currently, there are a few singers looking into singing it in their own style so it will continue evolving. Kinda’ like a series spin-off if you wish. To me, when voice samples are used, it is next to impossible to tell emotional story and make it feel real at the same time. Basically, it’s like opening a book, cutting the sentences out of it and combining them together to make your school paper. Something is always missing or just doesn’t fit. So, it was few influences there but overall it had enough quality. Biggest one though was when my partner convinced me she liked both, so there you go 😀

Is live performance an important part of what you do or of your plans?

No, not really. Performing live is too much of a burden for any DJ nowadays. Somehow, I feel that, due to constant exposure to festivals in EDM world, it is more of a factory produce rather than taking your time to present your ear and mood. Privacy is a very important part of any creative process for me.

What are your hopes creatively over the coming months and years?

Creatively, I hope the tunes will keep coming, be interesting enough and that listening audience will keep growing! Usually I’m bored with what I hear wherever I go as it always ends up back to “oldies” from 80’s to 00’s to initiate a real party kick-off. To paraphrase Oscar Wilde: “The worst thing that can happen to music is to not be listened to at all”. I guess the answer is to be listened to in ten year’s time, if that answers your question.

What’s the best thing that could happen for you as an artist in the near future?

Honestly, I have no real expectations as I am a very lazy person, so more work is not something I am looking into 😀 On a serious note, being recognized as an artist is already the biggest achievement I could have hoped for so if it is stays the same I am content. Maybe to hit some number one’s in the charts too (haha).

What’s something about you that most people might find surprising?

That I’m from Croatia and speak several languages fluently 🙂 Usually, due to my fluent English accent, they place me in the States or England. Luckily, here in Luxembourg everyone speaks at least three languages natively so I really feel at home here. It takes pressure off accidentally showing off by things you know in front of others in public places 🙂

Is there anything else you’d like to say?

After all this? Haha! Just to those who made it so far reading this is to keep listening and to give as much feedback to any artist out there. That is for us the most important thing. Don’t be polite for the sake of not being rude but give feedback honestly. Just say, nah, do another one, not good enough or yeah, this has potential!. Overall, it will make for a more creative impact, really!

So, keep on listening and enjoy your moods people. There is always a tune out there to help you feel better!

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