CYE - "I let myself fall to see how far the bottom was. This is real life. Move like that. Conquer your fears & go now." - Stereo Stickman

CYE “I let myself fall to see how far the bottom was. This is real life. Move like that. Conquer your fears & go now.”


Levi Andrews – known to for his sudden rise within the scene as cye – approaches modern music with a focused balance of passion and industry knowledge. His latest releases draw an increasing audience consistently, and his media feedback is equally positive.

We sat down with the rapper and artist, to find out more about that journey and his hopes for the future. Here’s how it went.

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cye – great to chat with you, thanks for the interview. Huge congrats for the release of NYC in the Backseat. Tell me where this all started – why Hip Hop?

The pleasure is ours, really. We just talked about this… It was way more likely I would come out dressed like Marilyn [Manson] doing scream-o… My fashion can be kind of heavy metal. To me, though, Rap [Hip Hop] is the best kind of music. It can sample from anything, this music can be anything. Even taking a moment to speak on it, I don’t think it would capture the magnitude of presence we keep in order to step into this space and run it the way our team has in such a short period of time.

How did the new track come about, and is this typical of your style moving forward, or do you strive to keep things creative?

No, that’s a great question but I think I’ll stick to the script. I have really gone about taking my time building Recovering Child Music to be a camp supportive and open to all kinds of everything. That’s really important to me, man, knowing it’s someone right here who would see an interview like this and it changes how they look at what we do. I’m mind bending this sht into reality, but the real world is crazy as hll… All of it translates to the music and I think they’re starting to get it.

Your journey has already welcomed some noteworthy connections – what’s been one of the most impactful experiences that continues to inspire you?

A: It’s a mind fck waking up as me everyday at this point. I’m way out on the trails through these mountains… This journey has taken me into the fog of everything that was mysterious to me as a kid. And even since I was somewhere in the wilderness of the city somewhere at like 18 – posted up on some late night sht. I’m charged up. We are all still here for the ride and it’s all just started up within the last month or so. I don’t mean to be dramatic either, you understand. It’s been a long road here…

What does the term Recovering Child Music refer to, and who do you hope to connect with in terms of the right audience for your sound?

Youth run the world… If these old heads focused more on the youth, man, there would be a lot more parties and fun sht happening for them. I got so many ideas I’m working to make a reality for these kids out here who really need a fcking spark of inspiration from anything wholesome… I know that a lot of my people, when we talk, they speak about how they’re sick of the same old sht. We all want to get to that real.

Things have always been built from last generation’s failures and achievements. We’re seeing the new kids move in… That’s what’s happening with RCM. Its only real purpose is forging a path forward by any means necessary to the greater good of what each artist here feels is their route. Nobody can tell someone else where to go. All of my idols understood that…

Do you also produce music, and if not, how do you choose which producers to work with?

Yeah – that’s why I’m up at midnight and sht. I get hot… I’m still amped off the first time I split a desktop at the midway. We have sht in store to stifle any doubt shuffled in my direction, at all. I was on Soundation[.com] in 2009, and GarageBand since. Now, I have worked with some of the best producers known to man, like… My first project was disgusting if you take a look. And I’m going to Africa to shoot the music video next year for a project with Blakkat… It’s a process, man.

Given your clear confidence as a performer, were you ever nervous about your first release, and could you give any advice to new starters who haven’t found their confidence on stage?

I let myself fall to see how far the bottom was, really. This is real life. It’s like that sometimes, man. I wasn’t always confident in this sht but all I’ve ever wanted to do is this sht… And the gang sees it exactly how I do and that’s all that matters to us. Move like that. Conquer your fears and sht, go now.

What’s your biggest ambition right now, and what stands in your way?

A: Yeah, man, these festival promoters need to pick up our phone calls. That’s my issue. It’s not a game out here to get on stage and I’m not trying to ride at ten in the morning when the real one’s barely going to sleep, for real. My managers Phillip and Mason just made it an assignment to get it jumping. We had a conversation this week with the folks at SXSW for 2025… We are pushing to find a set closer to sunset…

Is there anything else we should know?

I love y’all a lot and appreciate everything you have done to put us in a position to change the world. As most of you know, I haven’t had Instagram, but I will be back soon. Everything still on SoundCloud, or the site. We haven’t gone anywhere… This is always and 4EVR. Visit to connect with cye.

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Find CYE on Instagram & Soundcloud or visit his Website for tour details & further info.

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