Comatose Red Ivy - "My music will mend broken hearts, the tortured & the less fortunate in the realm of love, as I was." - Stereo Stickman

Comatose Red Ivy “My music will mend broken hearts, the tortured & the less fortunate in the realm of love, as I was.”


Backed by the brand new album RAP-ROCK, the unmistakable Comatose Red Ivy digs into creative processing, the inspiration for the project, and what the future holds in terms of ambition and live shows. Here’s the conversation in full.

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Hey – great to catch up with you, congrats for the new album. For those new to your work, how would you describe the way you approach making music?

Multi-Genre Music for Multi-Cultural People, 1 Project or track at a time form my heart.

What inspired you to create the project RAP-ROCK, and what do you hope listeners take away from it?

Take out of it that was me honing closer to having a sound, I love Hip Hop and Rock and I like the two together, more to come.

What’s your primary instrument as a musician, and how did you come to create the opening soundscape Everyone But Me?

I play the drums and Piano but better on Drums. I created none of the music other than the vocals on this album, RYINI BEATS did all the magic, I just sang into the beat, mixed it and mastered it.

Things get notably vulnerable, personal and honest throughout this album. Is it therapeutic for you to write in this way, and do you write on paper or just freestyle in the moment?

I don’t freestyle as much as I use to because I’m aiming for more structured projects; whereas, a freestyle could start in a flower pot in Wisconsin and end in the Bermuda undersea with Spongebob, all over the board.

“It’s very therapeutic for me to write, everything comes from my heart to pen or heart to mic when I freestyle.”

The guitar sound is beautiful, particularly on the likes of Broken Scarred and Losing Everybody – is there a potential for unplugged performances or versions of any of these songs?

That’d be dope, good idea I’ll keep that in mind; RAP-ROCK UNPLUGGED. . .

Tell me about the gritty and angst-driven switch to Bitch In You, and how different is the creative process when it’s from a place of external anger rather than inward reflection?

I know right, honestly BITCH IN YOU was suppose to be a hip hop track, as a single, but I probably smoked too much green and thought it was funny it was in the mix and went with it.

Which track from the new album means the most to personally, and why?

BLUE OVER YOU, Truth spewed from my heart about my ex to all of you; I’m sure many can relate.

In terms of influences, what comes to mind as the most impactful Rap-Rock project or song to have emerged in the past couple of decades, and why?

I have no idea, I’ve never heard a rap-rock song, I just make them, unless like KORN counts, I’d go with KORN but I think that is staged in Metal, not sure. I’ve never seen a rap-rock album besides mine.

Do you plan to perform much or tour any time soon?

I do want to perform, I’ve been practicing and getting a list of tracks I like, but overall once I hit a label (of any sort), I’m going to start a new discography and slow down on cutting tracks and go with more full projects to perform.

Your vocals are notably versatile, from softness to the sudden volume and rhythmic kick of I’m Home – which style do you feel the most comfortable with, and how easy is it to switch from one head-space and energy to the next? 

My vocals are self adaptable to sound, so every tone or octave is self generated naturally, reason every beat is a new cadence. . . I’m a voice actor, I don’t even have to try so I’m comfortable with whatever the beat makes.

What’s your biggest ambition right now as an artist?

To start promoting my music, which I’ve never done. I guess jump on the band wagon of selfless promotion with ads and campaigns and interviews etc etc.

Is there anything else we should know?

My music will mend broken hearts, the tortured and the less fortunate in the realm of love, as I was. I healed, now I heal y’all.

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