Big Meniz - "The devil is always busy. He will always try to derail your plans. I want people to understand this is a constant struggle but GOD is with us." - Stereo Stickman

Big Meniz “The devil is always busy. He will always try to derail your plans. I want people to understand this is a constant struggle but GOD is with us.”


Chicago rapper and artist Big Meniz recently collaborated with SoundMaster T and C.O. Tha Bad Black for the deeply moving Hip Hop single Walk With God. Perhaps his most compelling release to date, the single and video drew focus to a whole new side of Big Meniz’ artistry.

We caught up with the creative behind it all to find out more about that change in vibe and his plans for the year ahead. Here’s the conversation in full.

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BIG MENIZ – excited to catch up with you, how has this year been so far?

This year has been a blessing. Besides the music I have been blessed to put out, I’m learning how to enjoy life and have fun. Learning how to be patient with others but most importantly learning how to give myself some grace. With grace comes mercy and learning how to be a better version of myself.

Huge congrats for the release of the powerful new single Walk With God. This one cuts deep, profoundly honest, inspiring and captivating. Tell me about the creative process – what prompted you to write about this topic, and what did the collaborative aspect bring out in the music?

One of our closest “brothers” suffered a stroke. The inspiration for the song came while watching and supporting him fight through this. Just watching him struggle through rehab while still working brought me to a humble place. I remember those times when I would leave chemo and head straight to work. Trying to do it on my own but deep down thankful for the strength of God and the support of my family and friends.

Although my circumstances were different, I knew what his fight was like. One moment wondering if I would make it through. The other just praying for it to end and be over because I didn’t think I was strong enough. Constantly praying for “Thy will to be done,” whichever way that took me. Trying to talk him out of the same dark places that, as a human, you inevitably would go through. It brought back memories of my own struggles, reliving this was the inspiration for this song.

Having my brothers C.O. Tha Bad Black and Soundmaster T the song was even more of a blessing because we all have gone through separate struggles but through it all there was always one constant. We felt like the world needed to know God will see you through it all.

The emotional depth of the track is limitless – was it hard to get into this mindset, or was it therapeutic, and how does it feel to listen back to it now?

The mindset was easy and very therapeutic. When you’re in church, you always hear, “Your life is a storm. You are either at the beginning of one, in the middle or coming out of it.” Either way, you always come out different then you went into it. This song taps into everyone’s emotion. There is something or sometime that this song takes you back to where you knew right at that moment that God brought you through. Listening back to it always bring me to tears. Mostly because of my own journey, my struggles and that I made it through the storm. I hope it does the same for you.

Is this the start of something bigger, any longer projects on the way, or visuals?

Yes, I’ll be dropping a Gospel album around June 2024. My focus will be on real life issues and letting people know there is always a light on the other side of the darkness.

What about live performances – any shows coming up?

Maybe next year. Right now, I just want to focus on getting good music into your hearts and homes.

Everyone puts in a gripping and passionate performance on this track – is authenticity something you feel is important in modern music, rather than just focusing on entertaining or hitting big streaming numbers?

Authenticity is the key. You want people to feel your music. “Touch one reach one” is the purpose for this song. Everyone is going through something in life and I want people to know there’s someone out here understands. He is real and if you call on him, he is an on-time GOD. If the numbers come, I’ll be happy. But regardless being blessed to music is better.

How easy or difficult is it to lead with Faith in the Hip Hop community at present, and what’s the local scene like in terms of this genre and style around Chicago?

It’s a work in progress. I came up by a different code. My rules were different my reaction to situations were different. It wasn’t until a fully allowed GOD into my life that I understood that I could be different. If I allowed him to Guide my steps I could move different and still be authentic to both myself and those around me.

Everyday I find myself challenged and have to make choices that will always have a consequence. Whether that be good or bad, every choice I make will have a reaction. Sometimes you just have to stop in the moment and say a prayer so that you can get the right choice.

The devil is always busy. He will always try to derail your plans. I want people to understand this is a constant struggle but GOD is with us. I found out more people are looking for music like this. It allows them to still be true while interacting with the world. Again it’s all about “Touch one reach one.” Hearing this song my just change your life without you even realizing it.

I’m not perfect, I fall short just like everyone else, but embracing my imperfections is what is making me a better person.

What are your thoughts on mainstream Hip Hop at the moment, and what’s one thing you would change about the industry if you could?

There is only a few artists that still have a story telling skills. There’s no thought into what these artist are saying anymore. If I could change it, I would go back to the basics. Make the words meaningful to depict current situations. Get the younger generation to really see and understand the time we are living. I would want to make the lyrics mean something again.

What’s the best thing fans can do to support you?

Just listen to my music. Get the meaning out of it. Stream all platform follow me on Instagram @bmthaenforcer

Is there anything else we need to know?

Be looking out New Years for our new project. I’m on with my brothers C.O. Tha Bad Black and TKO Something Different E.P. Tha Definition of Destruction. Thank you to everyone that support me and the label brother TMG 4 LYFE!!

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