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Beats Universal High Quality Instrumentals & Essential Music Services


Home of some of the best Rap, Reggae and Hip Hop Beats around – Beats Universal offer a plethora of services and original soundscapes for all.

We caught an interview with them to find out more about the site.

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Hey – great to chat with you! For those who don’t know, what is Beats Universal, what prompted you to start it, and how long has it been in action?

Beats Universal is a music production team that was formed around 7 years ago in 2013 and consists of 3 producers / beatmakers from different locations around the world. We built Beats Universal as a way to provide high quality beats and instrumentals for sale, as well as music services to artists, all in one place.

Who works with you on the site, and what do you each bring to the table?

The team currently consists of 3 producers – Seconds Out Productions, KC Sounds and TerryVibes. We all have many years of experience in music production and each one of us specializes in different genres, so this way we can provide all types of beats to the artists and rappers that visit our site.

How do you compile the beats for the site – are they all made by you three or do you bring in other producers?

All the beats and instrumentals on our site are currently produced by the three of us.

You cover styles from Reggae to Hip Hop, RnB, Pop – do you think you will ever expand further, or is it necessary to stick with what you love in order to create the best quality soundscapes?

We already cover a large variety of styles on our site, but we’re always looking to expand even further, as long as the quality remains high and we’re happy with the results.

You also offer a range of additional services – what are the main options available for artists and producers?

Yes, we offer services for artists and producers such as mixing and mastering, music website design, custom lyric videos and more at affordable rates.

What sets you apart from other production companies?

We always try to provide the highest quality possible to artists, whether they’re looking for beats or other services, and the fact that artists can find on our website everything they may need in one place is definitely a big plus as well.

Is there anything else we should know?

If any artists out there want to browse our beats or check out our services you can visit our website at and don’t forget to also follow us on Youtube, Soundcloud and Instagram to stay updated on our latest news and productions.

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