Andrew Ingermann - "This is my first work as a solo artist, so this album marks the point at which one part of my life ends & the next chapter begins." - Stereo Stickman

Andrew Ingermann “This is my first work as a solo artist, so this album marks the point at which one part of my life ends & the next chapter begins.”


To coincide with the release of the third instalment from his upcoming album The End… The Inception, we talk with Andrew Ingermann about the enchanting Little Muse, the full-length project, and the journey that led to this point. Here’s the conversation in full.

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Hi Andrew – beautiful new single, thanks for the interview! For those new to your work, what’s your earliest memory of being excited by or inspired by music?

Hi! Thanks for having me!

I remember when I was 5 years old I liked some of the tunes on TV shows and tried to play them on the piano. I’ve always felt magic in musical instruments.

Let’s talk about Little Muse – a multi-layered, passionate and poetic single. What was the creative process like for this one, what came first, and how does it feel to listen back now that it belongs to the world?

First, a very sad melody came to my head. I decided to repeat it with almost no changes throughout the whole song to create a sense of doom. The chords also don’t change on purpose, so the tensions and releases were created with the other tricks.

When I’m working on a song, I’m going deep and it’s very important to show the results to somebody. I’m starting to feel the song completely different at the moment, and when the song is released I feel almost like naked because everybody can see my deep emotions and hidden thoughts.

Tell me about the album The End… The Inception. – where did this juxtaposed title come from, and what does the collection represent for you?

The album will contain seven songs. This is my first work as a solo artist and singer/songwriter, so this album marks the point at which one part of my life, as I know it, ends and the next chapter begins.

In what ways did studying music impact your creativity or your approach to building a career in music?

I studied in a music college as a jazz and classical pianist. It gave me a greater freedom of playing the piano, better understanding of arrangements and music theory. Getting through different famous music pieces raised a lot of new musical ideas in my head for my own songs. It also shaped my taste in music

You’re a known regular at open mic nights, a place to not only test out your prowess on stage but build a community and network of support. What has been the best part of your experiences at London open mics, and do you have plans to take your performances further afield – if so, what’s your plan of action or dream for this year?

At London open mics I’ve met a lot of great and open people. The atmosphere is always fantastic. but I think I have to move on. I’d like to have a couple of gigs with a full band this year.

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Download or stream Little Muse. Find Andrew Ingermann on Instagram.

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