Alex Bar - "Once I have the subject, I can create a world for it to live in." - Stereo Stickman

Alex Bar “Once I have the subject, I can create a world for it to live in.”


Following the release of his superb new single and conceptually creative video Can’t Do It Right, we caught up with artist and songwriter Alex Bar, to find out more about his journey so far and his hopes for the future. Here’s how it went.

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Hi Alex – thanks for the chat, and congrats on the new single and video. What can you tell us about the concept behind the release, the different perspectives?

The concept behind the release started with the lyrics. Saying “I can’t do it right” over and over made me think… well then I won’t do it at all. I’ll have other people in the video do everything for me. After that concept came into play I thought, well, if someone is doing all of these simple things for me, the major irony would be for someone to actually want to watch me do these things.

So, throwing camcorders into their hands and having a live stream to an audience watching me shows the world we live in these days. Whether people realize that’s what they are doing or not.

On the two perspectives – I never think there is just one way to look at things. So the first video is showing me taking control of the situation I am in. People wanting to watch the growth, the journey and every little thing in-between but I let them and am unfazed. The second will show the opposite. The situation taking over me, hurting me – me fighting back but not winning.

The video is brilliant, artistically odd in a captivating way – how did you come up with this, and does your performance in the video reflect your style and energy on stage, or is this a different persona?

All the videos definitely correlate to the stage performance. You will get glimpses of the videos in live performances but never a duplicate copy. I want a reason for you to come and see the show, otherwise if it was the same you could stay home and watch the video. I come up with my concepts by how the song makes me feel. I first hear a beat, then I know what the subject of the song is. Then once I have the subject I can create a world for it to live in.

What is it about pop and dance music that draws such passion from you – where did it all begin?

It began from birth. My father is a professional dancer and ever since I could remember I was in the dance studio. Being surrounded by music 24/7, you develop your own taste, your own moves, your own ideas, and I quickly realized I couldn’t live without it. I had my first performance at 3 and never stopped.

I think my passion for pop music started with the emotion it made me feel. As a kid you are full of energy so softer and slower tempo music made me tired and frankly bored like any other kid. But put on Michal Jackson & Nsync and I couldn’t stop moving. Bottom line – it made me happy and nothing has changed today.

Do you have a background in music or performance, or is this just something you’ve jumped into of your own accord?

In the question before I spoke a little on my father being a professional dancer, so I guess it’s in my blood. I had a huge passion for dancing but it actually wasn’t until my teens that I showed interest in wanting to actually make my own music. Once that started it was game over. I fell in love with it quickly

How much more music is there to look forward to from you in 2020?

My plan is to release an EP next with the first two songs and some others. I want to put the singles I release into mini projects for the audience to get the vibe of the order I’m putting music out. I definitely would like a visual for each song I put out for now. Some higher budget than others, but all staying creative.

Will you be touring, and if so – what will the set-up be like?

I definitely plan on touring. It’s a huge dream of mine. Right now I’d like to build a solid fan base so there is an audience to come and care about the shows. Even if it’s just an opener to start out, I want to have enough material to play my own music – not fill my set with covers.

I’ve been designing the set for a bit now. I have about 3/4 options depending on the budget of the shows. Regardless I can promise you there will be backup dancers and a solid story line – not just a guy on stage singing some songs then leaving.

If you could perform at any venue or event in the world, which would it be, and why?

That’s a loaded question – I think Madison Square Garden is a popular answer but I say it mainly because I remember wearing out my Nsync DVD of them playing there growing up, and that was my first idea of what an arena tour looked like.

Also, London does this event called Capital Summertime Ball, and I always watch it on youtube but have never been in person. For some reason the energy is always incredible in the stadium when I watch it. Definitely on my bucket list.

What are the main values or traits that you want to bring to the contemporary music scene?

I want to bring good pop music to the table. I think there is definitely some out there right now, but not enough. It’s all very “trendy” right now. Good quality, well-written pop music is my goal.

What’s something about you that most people don’t know?

Something most people don’t know about me? Hmm A LOT of things but I guess everything will be revealed in time.

Is there anything else you’d like to say?

Just thank you guys for the interview. I appreciate the support on the first two singles. It means a lot to me when people genuinely like it and want to know about it. So thanks.

It’s absolutely my pleasure – thank you! All the best with the new release!

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