ABOUTMEEMO - "The music industry is the enemy of the Artist, but also the best pal when building a career." - Stereo Stickman

ABOUTMEEMO “The music industry is the enemy of the Artist, but also the best pal when building a career.”


Following the release of the awesomely refreshing new rock track We All Spin Around, and its relative EP ‘love that you hold it’s the pain that you carry’, we caught an in-depth interview with artist and songwriter ABOUTMEEMO to dig deeper into his creative journey to date and his hopes for the future. Here’s the conversation in full. 

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Hey – thanks for the interview! Congratulations on the EP release. What does this project mean to you, and what do you hope people take away from it?

Thank you for the interview!

This project means a lot to me as it totally represents me and my ego in music and in life. It’s in fact quite personal, stretching towards a very intimate world. I’d like to be honest in this, no layers, no filters – no formulas either to attract people for an easy listening. I’ll be appreciated though, from the true music listeners.

How long have you been making music, and what would you say has inspired your current creative approach?

I used to be a bassist from the age of 14 and then later I learned guitar (self-taught) to satisfy my songwriting skills. I’m a big fan of the Seattle sound, that’s for sure – it influenced me the most but I feel that my music nowadays is inspired by loads of things, mostly old stuff. I don’t find modern music too interesting, seems it’s too influenced by the music biz standards.

How do you get started when writing a new song? How did We All Spin Around come to be?

There are many ways to write a song for me. Sometimes it’s riff based, sometimes it’s a mix of chord progressions and beats that guide me through the writing. But I can say that the best melodies come from my head, suddenly or just taking inspiration from something happening during the day; a sound, a phrase…

Writing songs often isn’t about playing or jamming around only, the process can be done entirely in mind – freely and truly in the imagination and then only put in music in a way that makes sense.

What’s your primary instrument right now?


Will there be a tour to accompany the release of the EP, and if so – what will that involve, and where will you be visiting?

I’m an independent artist 100%, which means I write songs, lyrics, arrangements, and I record most of the instruments in a recording studio and I’m in charge also of PR. Planning gigs and tours and getting the right contacts and getting the band together motivated – it’s the hardest part of this job.

At moment I’m planning a tour in the USA – I’d like to touch Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle; the West coast because I think it’s where my music could be appreciated the most. I’m also trying to jump into Italy (my country) and Ireland (where I’m based) for a few gigs during the summer.

What’s the bigger picture – what are your hopes for the future as an artist?

I’m very motivated to engage a music career. My latest efforts are made with the aim to build a name and create a solid base of followers. I hope someday to land among some Labels or get the attention of some Manager in order to focus my energies entirely to music and leave the rest to the ‘experts’. Things that I hope will help my project step up to another level and become always more professional in what I do using better tools and channels.

Music-wise I can anticipate to the readers that I’m almost finished writing a new album, which I hope will come out next year. This time I’ll get back to a more rock and roll sound.

What are your thoughts on the mainstream music industry at present?

What to say that’s not been said already. The music industry is the enemy of the Artist, but also the best pal when it comes to building a career and recognition. Without the music industry, hardly any musicians can make a living out of his Art, or at least the music industry helps people to be in condition to do what they are supposed to do full time, 100% in it.

The problem isn’t the music industry but the status of the world today. It’s all about money, it’s all about the sales, and this makes everything so fake and empty and fast and immediate. What sells the most right away matches always some stupid shallows standards. This is taking the piss out of the Artists and the same clients/listeners which they believe are in charge of their opinions and tastes in music. It’s sad but true – Artists have to pay big money to be considered in this sea of other musicians. Since the process is long and painful, bands that have the fortune to have a little space end up creating a product that doesn’t represent them; trying to make for happy producers and labels.

The market is cruel and Art doesn’t rhyme with a radio hit nowadays, modern music is a product and behind it there are experts of sales that study the trend of the moment.

Who do you currently admire in the music world?

I admire always the same people that ruled music years ago. As I said in the past question, nowadays it’s all so fake. I love Pearl Jam, they always did what they wanted, their albums are entirely played without any ‘magical’ help from modern technologies or shortcuts. They do more than just music, they set a model example; they are themselves, truly.

If you could sit down to lunch with absolutely anyone, past or present, who would you invite – and what would you ask them about?

Chris Cornell is in my heart and in my head since he left this dimension. I would defo invite him and I wouldn’t say a word.

Is there anything else we should know?

Stay tuned, this is just the beginning. I’m very motivated to continue and do my part in contributing to modern rock music.

Thanks a million!

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Stream the EP ‘love that you hold it’s the pain that you carry’ on Spotify. Find & follow ABOUTMEEMO on FacebookTwitter & Instagram.

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