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3Bubble & J. Gray LFTP Season, Outkast, Live Shows & Grammys


Recently dubbed the new Outkast, 3Bubble & J. Gray are a duo making waves with their music right now. After reviewing their latest track Kelechi Next, and prior to the release of their album LFTP Season, Vol. 1 Reloaded, we caught an interview to find out more about how their sound came to be and what their plans are for the future. Here’s how it went. 

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Hi guys, congrats on the brand new album – how long was this project in the making, and what it does it mean for you?

This album took us about a year to complete. Every album we make means a lot to us because we always incorporate our personal lives and real life experiences.

How do you get started when making a new track, and how do you know it’s finished & ready to be shared?

It’s always based off vibes. We may listen to our favourite artists for hours or we may connect with the music and dive into the writing process. Depends on vibes. We know when the song is done when it’s done. We’re smart about mixing, mastering, and composition. You know when you know. That’s unexplainable.

Is there ever any friction between you guys when it comes to creative decisions?

Never. Creatively we trust and admire each other. Always have. That’s a gem.

What have been some of the most inspiring albums for you as a music fan?

For 3Bubble & J. Gray: AQUEMINI

For 3Bubble: Don’t mess with Texas – Lil KeKe

For J. Gray: The Fresh Entrepreneur – 3Bubble

How important is live music for artists right now, and what can audiences expect from your performances?

Live performances are extremely important for artists. It’s our opportunity to connect with our fans directly. Audiences can expect high energy and preparedness.

What’s next for you – what do you hope the future holds?

What’s next for us? Billboard Charts, Grammys, and of course more opportunities to create music.

Is there anything else you’d like to say?

J. Gray is the best rapper ever. Fact! 3bubbleandjgray.com.

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The album, LFTP Season, Vol. 1 Reloaded comes out on May 31st – pre-order via iTunes. Find & follow 3Bubblue & J. Gray on Facebook & Instagram. Visit their Website for more information.

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