Being a live performance recording, Deep Water has just enough rough edges to re-assure the listener that the talent on show is for real, and actually is playing live. Musically, the pre-chorus chords echo Eminem’s My Name Is, but influences aside, Elta Wave are exploring a soulful pop that has an indie edge and a nod to the 70s – courtesy of sound choices.


The beautiful vocals on California Sunset mark Art Auré out as an exceptional and singular vocalist. The vocal range on display is highly accomplished, ranging from surprisingly low and intimate to fresh and impassioned, and the different vibrato speeds and incredibly elastic control are also extremely impressive.


Artist and rapper Produc more than delivers throughout this 17 track extravaganza that is his latest album. Fusing eclectic, often jazz and soul-soaked ambiances, with an intentional, calmly confident rap style, PRODUC Presents 1970 fills the room with simple good vibes and compelling story-lines.


Doc Jazz offers up the perfect remedy to a world in turmoil with this smooth and soulful new song. Closer To Me presents a calming, classic jazz ambiance and a romantic sense of togetherness as it gently pours through.


“Growing up in Israel shaped a big chunk of my musical taste. I was influenced by American music, of course, but also by Israeli, Spanish and Italian music and a lot of the European music that was played on the radio when I was growing up. Then when I moved to NYC I discovered Jazz, Classic Rock and Blues… So my music became a combination of all these styles.”


IAMREBELWILL raises the bar beautifully with this latest release. Showcasing a stunning vocal style from the offset, and a soundscape and performance that gradually and artistically gather momentum and intensity throughout, Til The Sun Comes Down is as smoothly hypnotic as it is hard-hitting and energizing.

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Andy Jordan & producer Benedict Gibbon have crafted an absolute dream with this latest single. The smooth seduction of that bass-line & Jordan’s softly soulful, raspy leading voice pave the way beautifully – laying out an organic & engaging foundation, upon which the song in full can stand tall & hit with unquestionable impact as it pours through. 

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Keren Botaro’s Free Bird is a stunningly soulful journey through realization and regret. The track rises up brilliantly from the opening delicacy and intrigue of that quietly presented title idea, to the full-throttle soul-rock energy of a soundscape and vocal that unitedly blow the roof off.