Doc Jazz offers up the perfect remedy to a world in turmoil with this smooth and soulful new song. Closer To Me presents a calming, classic jazz ambiance and a romantic sense of togetherness as it gently pours through.


“Growing up in Israel shaped a big chunk of my musical taste. I was influenced by American music, of course, but also by Israeli, Spanish and Italian music and a lot of the European music that was played on the radio when I was growing up. Then when I moved to NYC I discovered Jazz, Classic Rock and Blues… So my music became a combination of all these styles.”


IAMREBELWILL raises the bar beautifully with this latest release. Showcasing a stunning vocal style from the offset, and a soundscape and performance that gradually and artistically gather momentum and intensity throughout, Til The Sun Comes Down is as smoothly hypnotic as it is hard-hitting and energizing.

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Andy Jordan & producer Benedict Gibbon have crafted an absolute dream with this latest single. The smooth seduction of that bass-line & Jordan’s softly soulful, raspy leading voice pave the way beautifully – laying out an organic & engaging foundation, upon which the song in full can stand tall & hit with unquestionable impact as it pours through. 

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Keren Botaro’s Free Bird is a stunningly soulful journey through realization and regret. The track rises up brilliantly from the opening delicacy and intrigue of that quietly presented title idea, to the full-throttle soul-rock energy of a soundscape and vocal that unitedly blow the roof off. 


Jason Bembry’s voice on this latest release melts the heart in an instant. You Should Have Known is a classically warm, organic ballad with a slightly jazz and soul infused aura. It’s a song that grows from mildly familiar to unexpectedly brilliant by the half way point, and things continue to embrace the listener right through to the end.