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Shaun Harris Swan Shaun


Producer and MC duo Shaun Harris and LUGO deliver a smooth-soul and funk backdrop to a mellow, characterful rap outpouring, for the self-reflective and storytelling Swan Shaun.

Finely-crafted and with clear personality and tone to recognize, Swan Shaun offers a likable groove and honest observations on past attempts to break through with music.

The song goes on to utilize a hypnotic and catchy hook, that title line repeating in unison with the unique detailing of the soundscape, building up towards an outro that effectively leaves the whole thing lingering indefinitely.

From the longer project Album 2, Swan Shaun takes a play at a globally familiar concept with its title, and proceeds to employ classic Hip Hop and Smokey Jazz vibes across a sub-three minute expression.

The performance blends mellow energy with passionate sentiments and a clear love for the process, and ultimately showcases the identity and design of Shaun Harris the artist in a way that’s easy to pinpoint.

Download Album 2 and Swan Shaun via Bandcamp. Find Shaun Harris on Facebook & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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