The History of Gunpowder - Live Set from The Weird Church in Cumberland, BC - Stereo Stickman

The History of Gunpowder Live Set from The Weird Church in Cumberland, BC


Drawing rightful focus to the beauty and blissful escapism of music in its purest form, The History Of Gunpowder release a sublime and captivating long-form live series and documentary, relaying their unrivaled abilities as songwriters and musicians united amidst a common goal.

Uniquely captured during an intimate seven-day residency at the Weird Church of Cumberland, BC, the live show depicts a band committed to the organic sound for a performance that feels like an extension of the human soul.

Beginning with The Epileptic, natural church acoustics support and enhance a deeply human and distinctly raw delivery from all involved. The History Of Gunpowder work as a single unit to elevate the depth of this guiding voice and its interconnected poetic threads of contemplation and story.

Already renowned across the Canadian live scene, The History Of Gunpowder continue to break down the boundaries of live performance, showcasing what’s truly possible when authenticity and skill join forces in a fearlessly unedited setting.

Featuring keys, guitars, additional vocals, strings and horns, the live series also includes untouched footage surrounding the songs, reinforcing the purity of each moment in a way that further highlights the honesty and creative prowess of the whole.

From the drama and weight of one performance, to the crisp and quiet acoustic tones of another, 751 turns towards solo enchantment akin to the likes of Hozier, backed by a stunning choir of voices to add a sensational and near euphoric peak to the end of each phrase.

Slowly the sound is gifted warmth and further wonder, by the completed arrangement raining down to draw upon even greater levels of humanity and heart within the leading vocals.

Finally we lean towards experimental electronic traits, for a cinematic alternative venture that shines light on yet another side to the seemingly limitless artistry of The History Of Gunpowder. For Improv #1, the creative process itself is documented, the unafraid exploration of concept and mood gripping the viewer amidst warped layers of melody and rhythm, as we build up into a bold and beautifully heart-wrenching audio experience.

Without question, a video series like no other, from a band who promise an unparalleled degree of passion, skill, presence and intention on the stage.

Find The History Of Gunpowder here or via Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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  1. Thank you for the review, love the words:) I’m the lead singer of the History. Appreciate your time with it.

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