There’s plenty of room in modern music for songwriters who put so much of themselves into their work – and who manage to maintain a clear and likable thread of individuality at the same time. Love, Future You is a joy to listen to in full. 

Folk PopPop

Combining a vast horn section, a meandering bass-line, and a number of elements that form a notably creative electronic soundscape – the single Move, from Glorious, is one that makes certain to leave its mark the very first time you hear it.


The band tackle infatuation & modern dating – the video highlights this further as they’ve gone all-in to craft a story-line with various scenes & details. Today’s ‘swipe right’ nation will likely relate.

Indie-PopPopPop Punk

In the way that songs like Where Have All The Cowboys Gone? offer unexpected melodic strength & power, The River utilises contrast in an equally clever & effective fashion. This is not purely a relationship song, with a basic, familiar story-line. On the contrary, this is poetic & expressive – inspiring travel & deeper realms of thought.

Alt PopPopSongwriter

As the EP plays, the instrumentation consistently reflects the sentiments of each song. You get a definite sense of this being a songwriter, an artist, first and foremost – not confined by a single genre or rule.


Toronto’s K-Pop inspired group BANDIT have released a fully scripted, short-film-like video for their single Dangerous, and both the song and the accompanying visuals offer up something colorfully memorable.