A song that rings like an acoustic moment from The Eagles. It has an immediately familiar feel, but the words are brand new – the story-line is fascinating but accessible; the details we remember from the heights of happiness & sadness equally. 


Roxxa Nova has undoubtedly found a sound of her own with this single. The song offers multiple moments of musical strength – unique & colourful flickers of soul & emotion that pave the way effectively for the story-line & personality that follow. 


A track that fuses a passionate & multi-layered backdrop with a confident, rhythmic leading vocal performance that takes inspiration from the likes of Empire State of Mind.


Dion’s voice drives the song’s melody & underlying sentiments in a perfectly genuine & fitting way. It’s a song from the heart, with good intentions, and this shows at every step. 


Elmont are back this summer with the perfect pop-rock single, bringing you that nostalgic aura along with a fresh touch of optimism & good vibes for the months ahead.