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ZRH Rendezvous


Intently unique production and characterful yet modest vocals drive forth the style of songs like Rendezvous, from rising artist and performer ZRH.

Florida’s Zach Ryan Haller, known to the scene as ZRH, aims high this year with the launch of his exotic album Shirtless. From this, the single Rendezvous showcases the limitless creativity of the ZRH sound – a unique take on English-language reggaeton, built out of collaboration with Spanish composer Alex English.

The single follows a simple, spacious groove of nostalgic rhythms and a reggaeton pulse, and on the top layer adds subtly enticing world-music melody-lines and a humble, nearly spoken modern vocal. It’s an easy arrangement, one that utilises only the most essential building blocks, and as such provides an impressive example of stripped-back artistry and genre-fusing freedom.

Produced to be distinct but also well-written from a popular music or earworm perspective, Rendezvous resolves consistently to the repeating sentiments of ‘You’re the only one…’. That hook section uplifts, simple and recognisable as it weaves its way into your headspace.

There’s a hypnotic quality to this set-up, the humility of the style and the clear catchy presence of the hook uniting to hit with mild but memorable impact, and these distinguishable strengths reach out with conviction across the entirety of the Shirtless album.

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