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Craymo My Intuition


Orlando electro-pop artist Craymo brings emotional reflection to the dance floor, with his latest award-wining single My Intuition.

Featuring nostalgically uplifting synths and a heavy bass and beat combination, Intuition blends intricate and immersive dance production with retro layers of melody and a raspy, expressive vocal – one that relays a story of personal contemplation and instinct.

The song builds up brilliantly, everything from the instrumental arrangement and vocal performance reinforcing a suddenly passionate shift as we repeatedly loop back to the catchy and euphoric presence of the hook.

LGBTQ singer and songwriter Craymo has had multiple songs licensed in TV shows and independent productions in recent years, and in the Spring of 2024, saw this newest release crowned Best Pop Song at the Clouzine International Music Competition.

My Intuition speaks volumes on behalf of both the talent and passion that Craymo consistently brings to modern electronic pop music, and offers a timeless anthem of self-trust and engaging musical escapism that works its magic with ease.

Beginning with its ultimately relentless rhythm and some quiet whispers of poetic observations from a dream, My Intuition maintains its sense of pace but drastically maximises the energy and power of the production increasingly across four-plus minutes of addictive musicality. The leading synth cascades and surrounds the work, almost sci-fi-gamer-like in its unsettling intensity – something perfectly well-suited to the thoughtful and dreamlike wonder of the song.

Unafraid of pouring his artistry into music, the professionalism and sheer emotional honesty of Craymo’s writing, as well as his subtle versatility, clearly feeds into the career he’s built for himself as an independent artist. My Intuition both celebrates and speaks out on behalf of that.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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