Kfir’s Outta Love is a huge song, one that takes its time to kick in but offers a powerful sense of rising anticipation and passion as it progresses.


There was never any question as to how well they could produce & perform music, or write songs for that matter, but as time goes by it seems they delve even deeper into their own journeys & stories. As a listener, it’s a total pleasure to be able to share in that & build a connection as it shines through in their music. This is going to be a big year for The Keymakers.


Angel Boy leads with intent and purpose on this latest single Broken Lullaby. The brief, minute and a half long track details the artist’s sense of conflict in progressing from someone who would work hard to hide any emotions or feelings, to someone who feels much more comfortable embracing and reflecting on them.

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The PoeticRockstar unleashes a brilliantly crisp and cool RnB vocal style on this latest single Energy. The classically smooth beat accompanies each vocal beautifully, flickers of electric guitar help light up the outer edges in an organic manner, and meanwhile that opening voice makes certain to draw you over for its refreshingly raspy yet clear-cut tone and delivery. 


As an artist, the cover shows an ability to adapt and to embrace the moment and the music to the fullest. With future releases hopefully that sense of character will come through, and this single could well be a foot in the door and an introduction to the sound and the artistic mind-set that gets listeners coming back for more.


A definite must for the upcoming spring and summer months and another mighty step forward for Nikotene – their music has amassed over 200k streams on Spotify to date, and this is still just the beginning.


Combining personal honesty and depth of thought in an endearing fashion, with experimental soundscape building,  Tanner Parker has crafted something fresh and free from the confines of industry expectations or genre rules.

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