There’s a speech at the heart of it – a graduation style reminder of the depths of the world and our roles within it. In addition, the music has a certain hypnotic softness that fills the room in a soothing way. 

Hip-HopPopSpoken Word

Amaru writes for an audience, you can hear this throughout the album – the collection is eclectic, inclusive, and ever-changing; never falling victim to one single way of doing things.


The presentation of this topic, the evolving sense of emotion, and indeed the additional vocals that strengthen certain moments in a choir-like fashion – all of this underlines the song’s inherently real approach to expression in a powerful way.


The production on the song is brilliant, the hook is repeated using instrumentation – distortion, fuzz, effects & volume – unusual but effective, you find yourself uttering that hook melody, those three words, even when they’re not being sung.