Depression & anxiety are subtle but certain driving factors behind the whole thing, and as you witness the accompanying video – beautifully shot & focusing on the humanity of the concept – you gather a genuine understanding of both the vastness at the heart of the struggle, and the togetherness that can ultimately help ease the pain. A stunning new release with a powerful undertone.

Alt PopPopProducerSongwriterTrip-Hop

Yes! is quickly addictive, bringing through elements of Daft Punk and Empire Of The Sun alike – fusing inspiration from a wide range of genres, but doing so in a skillful and artistically relevant way. The result is a song that’s a total joy to turn up loud and get lost within.


Keren Botaro’s Free Bird is a stunningly soulful journey through realization and regret. The track rises up brilliantly from the opening delicacy and intrigue of that quietly presented title idea, to the full-throttle soul-rock energy of a soundscape and vocal that unitedly blow the roof off. 


What You Doing is immediately likable, that opening clap for a beat and the space around it, Patrick’s voice, the melody – there’s a quickly satisfying pop glow to the song; as well as a notably alternative, uniquely creative musicality.

Alt PopPop

Jason Bembry’s voice on this latest release melts the heart in an instant. You Should Have Known is a classically warm, organic ballad with a slightly jazz and soul infused aura. It’s a song that grows from mildly familiar to unexpectedly brilliant by the half way point, and things continue to embrace the listener right through to the end.