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Editing Mee – PODCAST


Bringing together writers and publishers alike, focusing their talks on all aspects of writing – anything and everything that draws their attention, or that they’ve been struggling with – the hosts of Editing Mee take a somewhat niche and elusive approach to podcasting.

The first episode of the show digs deep into writing prompts, a world of uninhibited possibility, thus the conversation quickly takes a turn for the light-hearted and interesting – then leans back and forth between this and a fair amount of genuinely helpful and inspiring ideas. Having compiled a similar resource or list of Songwriting Prompts not too long ago, there’s obviously value in this for writers of all disciplines – creative writing in all of its forms.

Listening to the hosts talk about this topic is an easy way to spend twenty minutes – their quiet passion for the process shines brightly, not in an attention grabbing way but in an honest and genuine one. In this particular case, the topic takes to story-writing but emerges as immediately inclusive of all genres and styles. Whatever the topic or mood – the sad story, the happy story, the family theme, the thriller – writers share in the same struggles regardless; ‘writer’s block’ being a major example. Writing prompts can really help you get back into the swing of things, nudging you to remember why you write in the first place. Overcome anxieties, see the fun in writing once again.

This podcast offers a welcoming space in which all of this is discussed, by two hosts who’ve clearly been through these issues themselves – and worked to overcome them. At the same time, there’s a certain air of realness to their relationship, so you may well feel as if you’re simply hanging out with friends – or even that this conversation would be taking place whether the mics were rolling or not.

Though the show is only in its second week, this is absolutely a topic of great interest, and there are plenty more angles to explore as things progress. It’s a pleasure to listen in on this if writing is indeed a passion of yours or something that you’re keen to get into (or back into, after a hiatus).

Get the most out of your writing, feel part of something bigger than yourself, and get some well-educated tips and knowledgeable gems that you can put to use straight away. A definite recommend.

Visit the Editing Mee Website for more information. Find & follow the show on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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