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Dear Daughters Loves Mom (PODCAST)


Cheryl Long hosts these easily digestible, short podcast episodes, designed and dedicated to encouraging self-love and positivity – a belief in better, a sense of possibility.

These uniquely focused, sub-ten-minute episodes, each take a fairly specific topic, and pour through with equal parts knowledge, actionable advice, and comforting warmth.

Cheryl leads with research and faith united, and her delivery has a clear confidence that helps give the ideas presented a certain authority; it’s something easy to listen to, and to trust in.

A recent episode entitled Principles vs Process brings up a particularly fascinating concept, and proves a great place to begin if you’re new to the podcast. Despite a welcoming, laid-back introduction, the five-minute episode wastes no time in pouring this list of values and actionable ideas into the room.

* * *

Do you govern your personal lives and relationships by principles your family taught you, or do you govern them by processes of this world?

* * *

Cheryl speaks of there being seven principles in life that apply to all people – regardless of background, age, status, religion. The episode invites anyone and everyone to listen, and goes through the seven principles in a quick yet inspiring way.

Given the short length of these episodes, the host has made sure to focus intentionally and keep things relevant and beneficial to the listeners. Other episodes touch on a broad range of topics, all directed towards the same sense of overcoming and personal strength. From PTSD to Meditation, Affirmations and building new habits, there’s plenty to consider.

Though still in its early days, there’s a definite level of purpose, a clear objective, to what Cheryl is committed to delivering. There are plenty of people out there who would benefit from these segments, from Cheryl’s teachings and her calming, inspiring way with hosting.

Check out all episodes via Anchor or visit the show’s Website. Find & follow Cheryl Long on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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