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Creatively Fresh – 10 Rock Bands You Need To Hear


The first in the series for Creatively Fresh. Ten rock bands you probably haven’t listened to, but absolutely should. Press play and turn up the volume. If you’re a fan, show your support via the social media links. Here we go. 

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Drive On Mak

The opening and title track alone to this EP from Texas based trio Drive On Mak is enough to have you hooked. The music has a notably raw and pure sound to it, instrumentally live sounding, far from the over-polished finish of modern pop; refreshingly real to witness. On top of this, the melodies, the riffs, the lightness of it all – this full band sound somehow comes through with a warmth and delicacy, seeming all at once intimate and immense.

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The Jason Gisser Band

The Jason Gisser Band have a sublime sound. Their music is incomparably soulful and authentic, loaded with heartfelt reflections on life and love, and layered from top to bottom with genuine emotion. The leading voice has it all, and it carries the sentiment of these songs with sheer strength and beauty.

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The Rift

The creative energy of this latest indie rock track from The Rift is superb. The opening guitar riff offers the satisfying hit of any great or classic song, the gentle nature of it appeals but it’s also soaked in a certain sense of anticipation – you can feel that things are about to get much more intense.

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Black Note Graffiti

Black Note Graffiti have an exciting sound, not simply the thickness and volume of rock, but the structure and passion of thoughtful and effective songwriting. Such Is Art is an intricate and fascinating song, beautifully structured – every moment offers something new and unexpected, yet is always in keeping with the story telling and mood of the song. The hook is incredible; the more you hear it, the more it takes hold.

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Strangely Alright

Strangely Alright not only offer audiences one of the most interesting and appealing band names of recent years, but their unusual take on indie rock and electronic fusion makes for a powerful and gripping audio experience. The instrumentation featured throughout their single Now Is The Time seems to offer a soundscape that is all at once gentle, dreamlike, loud and intense. The track storms into the room in the form of this tidal wave of riffs and words and energy.

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Race To Neptune

Race To Neptune are a band that offer a thoroughly unique and unusual sound. The beauty of their creativity and indeed their poetic lyricism is explored in a number of different ways throughout the Oh Contraire album, and it is, probably, one of the most interesting collections of the year.

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The Vinyl Reprisal

Not only do The Vinyl Reprisal have a band name just soaked in appealing nostalgia and hope, the music that the Graffiti EP is made up of has everything the hardcore indie fan could want, and then some. The five track collection smashes into action with the riff heavy and soulfully organic I’m So Bored, an indie rock anthem that sounds just like a live performance, complete with raw energy, passion and intensity.

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Cranford Hollow

Cranford Hollow have an insanely beautiful sound to their music. They appear to have captured the very best parts of a whole bunch of genres and styles, then fused them skilfully and thoughtfully with masses of passion and originality. The music evolves around you, these stylish guitar moments come into play, the beat brings about a thick and classic soft rock anthem sound, and on top of it all; that beautifully raw, gravelly, well lived, country-rock-soaked leading vocal that just screams real feeling and power.

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The sound itself has all the best parts of indie and rock – the riffs, the live and organic drum sound, the skillful and characterful leading vocal – plus all the strength and memorability of excellent songwriting. Goosebumps is a beauty, the reverb soaked guitar riff stays with you long after listening, as does the hook, and the overall feeling the music gives you.

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The Fall Of Ego

The Fall Of Ego are a band who write songs from a place of genuine experience and deep human emotion. The stories they tell are unapologetically real, always presenting a certain honesty and openness with their audience, and always with powerful melodies and musical performances to back it all up.

Never be afraid to speak or reach out for help. Be strong and believe in yourself no matter what you may be being told. You know in your heart what’s right and what’s wrong. Follow that. – Sven Fredriksson. Read the full interview here.

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