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Comparing Vegetarian & Vegan Diet / The Wheel Of Life – Light of Sirio PODCAST


What is the value of life from a spiritual point of view? The leading question, alongside one that has caused much disagreement and confusion amidst those who wish to choose the least harmful or most healthy, most sustainable diet – How do vegan and vegetarian diets compare?

Responsive as ever to audience participation and questions, The Light Of Sirio host Dori never misses an opportunity to shine further light on a topic that listeners have found interesting or unclear. In this case, the episode reacts to a specific question, and focuses down on the spiritual recommendation of a vegetarian diet as opposed to a vegan one.

The Light Of Sirio Spiritual Podcast is becoming widely recognized as one of the most heartfelt, focused and honest independent podcasts around. Each episode offers a deep-dive into matters of spirituality, wellness and existence, and this week Master Sirio and Dori discuss the differences between vegan and vegetarian diets.

In many ways, vegetarians are looked upon with more scorn than meat eaters, by those who follow a strict vegan diet. This counter-intuitive approach can sometimes lead people to give up entirely and forget the values and intentions that first inspired them to change. Here, The Light Of Sirio Spiritual Podcast delves into the reasons for choosing one diet over the other, the rewards of each, the negatives, and again seeks to present a positive influence on listeners in terms of improving their prospects and building deeper connections with the world around them.

Forty-four minutes of discussion covers everything from farming to chemicals, animal abuse, cultural preferences, pets, health, spirituality and diet, karma, morals, and plenty more relating to comparing vegan and vegetarian diets. The topic of sheep sheering as essential in animal care, as well as the health benefits of honey, and the history of farming in general, are all included.

As an advocate for the vegetarian diet, Master Sirio naturally directs things towards the benefits of certain animal products, but as ever our host Dori works hard to open up various pathways into discussions of veganism and animal mistreatment in line with this. The resulting conversation is refreshingly calm, thoughtful, honest and reflective, non-judgmental, and makes for a distinct change from the otherwise argumentative forums that tackle this broadly covered topic of veganism verses vegetarianism.

This week’s episode Comparing Vegetarian & Vegan Diet also concludes with a wonderful musical performance to wrap up the unity, awakening and emotive depth of the show – an organic, intimate yet full-band folk and world music moment of melodic togetherness, which is a pleasure to let play as you contemplate the conversation that passed.

Listeners can expect to learn many keys to enlightenment and a brighter sense of self and focus, and can even send in their own questions for Master Sirio to answer by emailing

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