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The Light Of Sirio Podcast – Sadhana: The Spiritual Practice (Q&A with Master Sirio)


Season 2 of The Light Of Sirio Spiritual Podcast is well under way, episode four was released just this past week and focuses on Sadhana: The Spiritual Practice, with a valuable Q&A with Master Sirio as the center-point.

Inspiring listeners to remember the values of a good life, asking questions like ‘What happens after the Holy Initiation?’ and ‘How to proceed on the Spiritual Path?’, Master Sirio delves into self-analysis and focus, with actionable steps and advice in order to refocus and meditate effectively as a spiritual being.

Master Sirio’s balancing of a calm, knowledgeable demeanor and a passionate devotion to the advice he offers is inspiring, and this 35-minute episode is brilliantly concise and maintains a captivating back and forth between host Dori and Master Sirio.

Episode 4 promises to deliver personal stories of walking the path towards spiritual depth, and directly useful suggestions for listeners from all walks of life to employ. Dori’s questions often feel like precisely the ones most listeners will be wondering about and wanting clarity on, and Master Sirio answers with a fine balance of heart, experience and wisdom.

The value of singing without reading the words, and its deeper connection due to singing wholly from the heart, is a powerful segment of this episode. The conversation continues through uplifting content on focus, the benefits of meditation on all beings, as well as happiness, daily determination, psychological and spiritual maturity, and how to not be negatively influenced by others.

“Meditation is bringing beautiful energy into this physical plain. Other people get the benefit – children, dogs, the whole universe gets the benefit from your meditation.”

* * *

Prior to this, Episodes 1 to 3 of season 4 covered the topics ‘The Path of Surat Shabd Yoga‘, ‘Master-Souls: Who is an Enlightened Master?‘, and ‘Real Spiritual Experience: Initiation into the Inner Light and Sound‘.

These talks with a realized Master on Life, Love and Spirituality are a continuous gift for individuals looking to reconnect with the universe and their own spiritual being. Every two weeks a new episode showcases a deeper layer of understanding and connection, and also speaks volumes on behalf of the professionalism and passion that both Dori and Master Sirio bring to the podcast realm.

Listeners can expect to learn many keys to enlightenment and a brighter sense of self and focus, and can even send in their own questions for Master Sirio to answer by emailing

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