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Calvin West – Mixing, Mastering & Lyric Videos


Being that the very foundation of what we do here is celebrate and share the passion and creativity of the world’s independent musicians, across genres, Calvin West’s work in audio and video production – and his reasons for doing what he does – unsurprisingly struck a chord with us.

In 2018, the world of music is more vibrant and faster growing than ever before – so many of us now have access to the tools and the platforms to let our creativity shine. The only real problems we face are when our skill-sets are notably stronger in certain areas than in others. For the average songwriter, band, or producer, the effort and energy required to craft new music means you need to focus intently on the writing and practicing processes, leaving some of those later essentials a little less attended to.

Fortunately, the other benefit of 2018 is that we are all more connected than ever – collaboration is a blessing, finding other creatives who share your passion and understand your uniqueness yet that also offer the additional skilsets required to get your music out into the world, is easier and more enjoyable than ever.

Calvin West is a music industry pro who has been writing, recording and producing music for many years. His work at present includes creating eye-catching lyric videos for artists and bands who wish to promote their music with a necessary set of visuals that highlight and compliment their songwriting. As a passionate songwriter himself, Calvin West understands the root of this desire to express, so his work comes naturally to him.

In addition to lyric videos, Calvin West offers professionalism and skill when it comes to mixing and mastering your music. Having worked with over a thousand artists so far, you can trust in his abilities. There are plenty of services available to independent artists at the moment, but the things to consider are whether or not who you choose to work with is experienced, reasonably priced, and Рperhaps most importantly Рunderstands and appreciates who you are as a creative and what it is that you need. Always working with honesty and dedication, Calvin West ticks all of those boxes.

Feel free to drop him a message to get your lyric video created or if you have any questions about his services. Find & follow Calvin West on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Visit his Website for more information.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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