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Zen Dog Training Podcast


Man’s best friend has maintained his spot beside us for centuries now, continuing to provide the kind of love and fulfilment humans crave, and in the process gifting us some of the most cherished years of our lives.

Their companionship is brief but incomparably impactful, and so long as we train our dogs to understand how to behave within the modern world, they will continue to light up our days for many more centuries to come.

With the recent rise of dog training misconceptions and opposed views from the likes of alpha male perspectives and excessive treat use, Zen Dog Training provides a well-balanced and genuine approach to helping you uncover the facts and methods that truly work for improving the welfare of your dog, protecting your community, and elevating your own journey through life.

Award-winning documentary producer and dog lover Jason Connell, and master dog trainer and Zen Dog Training Founder Gordon Fontaine bring over twenty years of experience to the dog training realm, and this focused and heartfelt podcast emerges with clarity, professionalism, and a clear passion for animal care. They apply the principles of being Zen, of being present and peaceful, calm, when training dogs, and they teach these principles in easily actionable segments each and every week.

Noting episodes spanning back to March of this year, the Zen Dog Training Podcast has already delved into a plethora of topics from Training People First, Dogs Second, to the foundations of Zen Dog Training, to using Treats as Rewards, Not Bribes, and along the way has offered a multitude of useful tips and reflections on how to train dogs in a peaceful, loving, and effective manner.

Whatever your breed of dog, Zen Dog Training presents a thoughtful means of training – an anti-dote to the chaos of life; and indeed that of having puppies in the home.

As an introduction, The Origin Of Zen Dog Training takes just fifteen minutes to explain the inspiration behind the podcast, and quickly relays the value and integrity that both Jason and Gordon present to the dog training arena. The hosts are dog lovers first and foremost, but they are also established experts in their field, and their commitment to the cause makes for an eye-opening, insightful, and informative listen, which takes no time at all, and promises a wealth of rewarding ideas to help you more effectively train your dog.

Find out more or stream the Zen Dog Training Podcast via their Website. Find Zen Dog Training on Facebook, X & Instagram.

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