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Wisdom Of Ages (PODCAST)


Emerging as short, sub-ten-minute episodes, designed in a manner that invites a calm, meditative state, complete with soothing backing music, Wisdom Of Ages is a brand new podcast that aims to help listeners find actionable ways of coping with the changing and stressful times of our lives.

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If there ever was a need to re-boot, re-access and re-style your life, it is now. While you may be able to do this alone, the journey will be far easier with the help of a master.

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Presenting ideas such as working towards compassion, and committing to being part of a world that is bigger than purely ourselves, these brief sessions help create a sense of oneness with everything around us. They teach appreciation and love – concepts we’re all aware of but perhaps sometimes forget to turn our attention towards. The host accepts that these changes within the self do not happen instantly, but rather over time, and with consistent practice and awareness.

Though still in its early days, the content already available discusses with heartfelt and knowledgeable insight, topics ranging from self-love to negative thoughts, the problems with comparing ourselves to others, and finishes up with an array of mantras that encourage self-love and peacefulness.

Given that many of us have far more time on our hands than expected this year, and that the world around us is experiencing unprecedented difficulties, there’s never been a better time to get your thoughts and feelings in order and work towards becoming a better version of yourself.

Check out all episodes via iTunes, Stitcher or Pocket Casts. Visit the Sai Kkrripa Healing Website for more information.

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