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Vibes – Train Your Brain to Hear Musical Notes


Are you a self-taught beginner who is just starting out on their music learning journey; a musician who enjoys playing instruments but is always finding ways to improve their skills; or simply a music lover who’s willing to explore all the new possibilities in music? Then seek no further, you’ve come to the right place.

Vibes, a London-based tech start-up, is changing the music learning industry with their new and revolutionary ear training technology. Based on the latest cutting-edge neuroscience, Vibes consists of a wearable device and mobile app, which together can train your brain to identify musical notes.

How does it work?

The unique wearable device, along with the app, will engage your tactile sense as well as auditory sense when hearing music. Unlike traditional approaches to ear training, which often involve repetitive lessons from teachers, books, online resources and apps, Vibes’ unique innovation will help you achieve better and faster results.

When you hear a note, chord, or an interval from the Vibes app, the wearable device will react simultaneously by sending out a touch stimulation felt on your arm. According to neuroscience, this creates associations in your brain, helping you recognise musical notes and transfer those melodies or chords to your instrument in a more natural, faster and efficient way.

About Vibes

Vibes believes that the ability to recognise music note intervals, chords and scales is the foundation of music learning and vital to the 17.2 million UK adults who currently play an instrument. It doesn’t matter if you play guitar, piano, flute etc. or whether you are a beginner or advanced player. The real skill is learning to truly hear music. In the past, learning to hear music has been hard, time consuming and frustrating!

Corresponding to today’s time precious environment, the challenge exists to educate musicians in a manner that is quick and easy, so that they can unlock their creativity and enjoy music; no matter of age and skill level. Vibes differentiates itself by its unique combination of a wearable haptic technology and a mobile app to simultaneously engage multiple senses, and enhance and accelerate the time it takes users to recognise music. This will allow learners to be creative, play a song by ear, solo and improvise; and enjoy playing music.

About the founder

Vibes was founded by Philip Spivey, a guitar player of 18 years whose inability to hear the difference between musical notes has caused him to plateau for the last 5 years. He founded Vibes with the intent of using the latest scientific research to build a product to aid and speed up the ear training process. The “ah ha” moment came from a BBC documentary on sensory augmentation featuring a device that allows blind people to see by creating a pixelated image on their tongue using an array of electrodes.

He and his team are currently working with leading neuroscientists in London incorporating the latest scientific research into an early prototype to test the scientific concept. This will be followed by larger controlled trials and beta tests to ensure that it can be applied to the general public.

They hope to benefit music learners and enthusiasts by removing the hassle and frustration people encounter with ear training and music theory. The product is scheduled to be launched early/mid 2018.


Your support is crucial…

To learn more about Vibes and to show them your support, please visit & sign up to Vibes’ landing page at Vibes Science. Find & follow Vibes on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn to get the good vibes straight to your inbox.

Vibes welcome & look forward to any comments & feedback – drop them a line at if you have any questions.

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