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Vibeable – Free Music Distribution For Independent Artists


Free music distribution that brings your sound to the world.
Be independent, keep your royalties and rights.

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Offering world-wide music distribution for independent artists, Vibeable helps bridge the gap between the creative and their audience, by connecting music makers with listeners across platforms like Deezer, Apple, Spotify, Amazon and Instagram.

Maintaining your independence as an artist or band will likely be a crucial part of your creative identity and process. As such, Vibeable allows you to upload your music to the mainstream platforms that reach the greatest number of listeners, without any cost to you nor your integrity as a working musician.

Vibeable is built around ‘simplicity and efficiency’. The website offers to take care of the distribution and business side of building a music career, whilst you keep your mind and motivation on the music and performance aspects.

Check out Vibeable via Facebook, Twitter & Instagram or visit their Website.

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