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Vegas Grumpy Dealer Show – PODCAST


Las Vegas Grumpy Dealer Jimmy hosts this independent podcast and embraces the opportunity to deal out 40+ years worth of experience and stories from his time spent working as a casino dealer in Vegas.

This is undoubtedly a niche podcast, and for this reason and several others it makes for a uniquely interesting and entertaining way to spend an hour. The host has character, his honest and unapologetic approach and his take on contemporary life all fuses well to hold your attention and provide genuine escapism from the mundanity of the rat race for a while. With that, you also get a decent level of insight as to what life really is like for someone on the other side of the table.

Vegas for so many is a place of high energy and fun – a weekend away, a big event, somewhere you can go to and be someone new or relinquish control for a while. For those who spend their days serving and seeing all of this debauchery take place though, that can be a whole other story. Enter Jimmy, the Las Vegas Grumpy Dealer, with his no-holds-barred initiative, and his endless number of stories and tidbits that will see you through an evening in style.

Being a UK listener, this show is fascinating and enjoyable for its vague familiarity and complete distance all at once – the movies evidently don’t quite do the truth justice. There’s nothing else quite like this around at present, and even if there was – it’s unlikely you’d find a host as blunt and of such a strong character as Jimmy. Absolutely worth getting in to and there are plenty of episodes to catch up on already.

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