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TUNING IN NFTS – WEB3 Music Discovery Club Unites Music Fans & Indie Artists Worldwide


Music is the soundtrack of life, it speaks to our souls and unites us all in a beautiful harmony.”

Taking the future of creative expression and community head on, this is something for the avid musicians and music fans keen to breakthrough to new levels.

Introducing a brand new Web3 collective, offering 5,500 unique digital collectibles and exclusive membership perks, Tuning In NFTs promises a fresh way to discover and connect with original music.

Aiming to set a new standard in the music industry, the Tuning In NFT platform is designed to meet the needs of music lovers and indie creatives hoping to embrace the Web3 space – an online blockchain ecosystem – with a focus on building a supportive environment for all.

Streaming platforms have traditionally been criticised for failing to bring up and coming artists to the forefront and refusing to provide financial support. Tuning In NFTs tackles this issue by being a community-based platform that prioritizes supporting and discovering independent artists.

Founded by Samantha Stein, Tuning In NFT’s intends to bring positive change to the modern music industry, and give hard-working indie artists the recognition they deserve.

“Tuning In NFTs is on a mission to enable independent artists everywhere to earn a living through their art through access to their discovery platform, performance opportunities, blockchain technology and more. Club members are invited to connect with others who share their love of music and to share in experiences and rewards for their participation.”

Dubbed the first music discovery club on the blockchain, Tuning In NFTs effectively bridges the gap between the past and future of creativity.

Tuning In NFTs have made their Club accessible to all with a decidedly low entry point. Members can join by purchasing a Tuning In token for just 0.01 Ethereum (approx. USD 16.)

Interactive features of the site include live listening parties, artist interviews, metaverse events, and access to exclusive music NFT releases.

Visit their Website or follow them on Twitter to get connected.

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