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Truth Expositors (PODCAST)


Designed for and dedicated to realigning contemporary faith with the original scriptures and teachings of the Bible, Truth Expositors is a Podcast that delves into the word of God in a passionate search for connection and truth.

Hosted by the founders of 1/1 Outreach Christian Ministries Inc of Delaware, Truth Expositors jumps straight into the details and depths of each episode, leading with upfront clarity and intention, and making certain to stick to the theme in every case.

As time has passed, perhaps a sort of game of whispers has warped the original teachings of any and all faiths. Truth Expositors takes things right back to the start, in an ongoing attempt to effectively abolish false doctrine, theology and all false teachings that contradict the word of God.

From simple titles to deeper concepts, episodes so far have asked and answered the questions What is The Gospel? and What is Grace?, and have also looked into the Doctrines of Grace in depth. On top of this, one episode features a simple Q&A with the Truth Expositors, which allows listeners to build a stronger connection with the hosts, and see their true personalities and their compassionate, fun, likable characters in a more laid-back setting.

The balance between all of this works really well in making this one of the more easily engaging, inspiring new podcasts around.

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