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Trueish Crime – PODCAST


Taking style and set-up tips from the infamous Radiolab, Trueish Crime emerges as a brilliantly professional and captivating new podcast that’s light-years ahead of the competition right now.

The premise for the show is to take an alternative look at true-crime stories. Where the familiar line ‘inspired by true events’ often precedes movies or TV shows, even books, this Podcast takes on the topic of crime inspired by popular entertainment and media – effectively fusing true crime and contemporary life and culture in the form of half-hour episodes loaded with dramatized scenes, audio effects, real life encounters, and in-depth discussions reflecting on all of it. This is far from a show you want to simply let play, it’s one well worth tuning in for intently.

Join us as we delve into some of the most shocking and bizarre crimes committed in the name of major pop icons like Natural Born Killers, Fight Club, Judas Priest, John Lennon and more.

Though in its early days, the standard and quality here is superb. Episode 2, entitled The Subliminal Trial Of Judas Priest, digs deep into the band’s historical travesty, but not before laying out the scene of the crime and the events that followed in the real world. The topic is subliminal messaging, and the details go all-in regarding the damaging yet fascinating results of this at the time of the controversy.

The three hosts of the Trueish Crime Podcast lead with articulate and insightful demeanors, presenting facts for the most part, unbiased in many ways and always offered up in a totally gripping and interesting manner. They’ve done their research, categorically, and this means you can sit back and trust in the array of often unimaginable stories.

Part of the experience is that it’s strangely entertaining, it’s escapism that takes all of your focus and allows you to forget the rat race for a while, but part of it is also historically educational, and quite eye-opening in terms of human behavior and the immense effects that media and popular culture can have on seemingly ordinary lives. Absolutely worth delving into, and subscribing for. I look forward to future episodes.

Check out all episodes here. Find & follow The Trueish Crime Podcast on Twitter or visit their Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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